Saturday, 29 September 2018


I saw this a while ago, probably after the EU Referendum & thought how true given the BREXIT fiasco!

Sometimes the status quo is the best option. As they say better the devil you know than the one you don't. Certainly nobody knew what a dog's breakfast the current government would make of it.


  1. I tried to google BREXIT fiasco to find explanation and still don't understand. It is difficult enough for me to understand or own politics.

  2. The disturbing thing is the knowledge that things are going on behind the scenes otheerwotno sane politicians could be contemplating the risk to health and medicine supplies apart from anything else. Uf there is a people's vote I just hope people vote to remain.

    1. Yes it frightens the life out of you what's going on & the risks to the NHS. It has to go on behind the scenes because if people knew there would be more than marches happening!
      It was all badly planned right from the start by David Cameron & then he walked out on it all. He should have stayed to clean up his mess.

  3. Basically it was the result of the British referendum vote to leave the EU. Guess what the politicians of all parties have made an almighty mess of it as well as those from the EU. A total fiasco. Never trust a politician!


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