Wednesday, 3 October 2018

My Quilting Bag

Well I got it finished and it's very useful. Holds a lot of my stuff to take to the classes at Beamish.
I managed to find enough matching bits of fabric in the cupboard that were strong enough for the bag. To be truthful two of them were humongous skirts cotton I bought in M&S for a £1!

It has lots of pockets to hold all the bits & pieces. Took me ages to make fitting all the different sections together, quilting it & then I added some beads so I'm put off from making another one even though I need another bag. So much stuff to carry! 

Have to say I would like one for the bedroom to hold all the gubbins I have lying around (my hairdryer & make up etc)

Maybe one of these days!


  1. You have given us so many ideas for these bags. Now I want a couple of them so will try to inspire my sister-in-law to make me some:-) LOL

  2. That is lovely! It must hold a lot also. Organization makes life much more enjoyable. I'm always making piles for donation, but I bring things home pretty quickly to replace stuff I've given away. I am enjoying coming down the home stretch with my homespun knitted wrap. How rewarding to finish things up. haha, I've inspired myself.

    1. I do that too. I try to take something out of the wardrobe if I buy something new but I find it difficult. I'm such a hoarder. Sometimes it comes in useful. Ages ago I bought a small canvass intending to paint it. Never did but tonight my granddaughter wanted something to make a painting for Remembrance day. I found it along with a lot of paints & paintbrushes, acrylic paints, some red tissue to make poppies, black buttons for the poppy centres & double sided sticky tape. A boxful of stuff in fact but I bet some of it comes back here. Roll on more school projects to help me get rid of more stuff.


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