Monday, 21 August 2017

Big Ben Goes Silent

                   Big Ben              Mistereez

At 12 midday Big Ben is going silent for 4 years whilst it undergoes repairs.

Seems a shame not to hear the most photographed building in Britain for so long but apparently it's to protect the workers hearing.

There's a bit of a battle going on about it but it will still chime for special occasions such as Remembrance Day & New Year's Eve.


  1. That will be a change for sure. While it will be missed, I can see how dangerous it would be for the worker's hearing.

  2. I am sure it's chimes will be missed. They are as much a part of London as the iconic bell tower itself.

  3. I will be missed. I'm just glad, I managed to go in and explore it before it was closed for maintenance!

  4. I didn't realise that it was still going to chime for New Years day etc. At least that's something.

    1. Yes it wouldn't be the same if we didn't hear it on New Year's Eve.


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