Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's growing!

Well it's not going too badly.

The rib was a double one & I decided to cast on using double wool to strengthen the edge. Eric's wool jumpers always seem to wear on the cast on ribs especially the sleeve edges. It did make it a bit bulkier but I hope it will be much stronger and last the length of the journey.

Next came the Blyth Tall Ships logo which wasn't too easy to see in such dark wool. Definitely have to knit it in daylight.

Now I am on a stretch of plain knitting for 50 rows. A bit boring but at least I can watch telly whilst knitting. Feel a bit guilty knitting during the day but needs must!

The thing I really dislike about this is knitting on a circular needle, I find it a pain. The knitting keeps turning and you keep having to slide the loops over the cable join. Give me straight needles any day. I was tempted to buy a set of 4 needles but I'm not keen on that either. I did try to buy some really nice quality Knit Pro needles as I already have a cable but they don't do size 2.75! Never mind I hope I can get over it although I doubt that very much as I've used them a few times and just gave up. I don't have a choice with this jumper though, no seams allowed!

Next stage is the waves, should be fun!

Meanwhile the charity knitting goes on. 

I've knitted a couple of brown V neck tank tops as we used to call them in the 'sixties. Think they call them slip overs now. It's an awful colour to knit with dark brown, again difficult to knit in the dark. However it's for an orphanage in India & the jumpers will get dirty and dusty and won't get washed very often. So it has to be that colour for the poor little souls.

Also still knitting for the neo-natal units in the area and the Apostleship of the Sea. These crochet little tops for tiny babies are quickly made and it's a nice break from the dark colours. The hats for the sailors supported by Apostleship of the Sea are quick & easy to knit too. 

Well back to the gansey while the light is good!


  1. Beautiful work. Why do you feel guilty about knitting during the day?

  2. I call your tank top a vest, and used to knit them for my eldest son when we lived in a much colder climate. In fact yours looks exactly as his did! :-)

  3. That logo must have been hard to knit!
    How lovely that you knit all these things for charity too. My 18 year old daughter received quite a few knitted tops for her daughter and I thought she'd never put them on her, but she does, she loves them, so it seems knitted items are always in fashion.

  4. It's amazing what you can do with knitting needles. I've tried them but just can't get the hang of it, so I crochet, but not nearly as much as I use to. But then considering I'll be 81 in Oct. I'm just happy I can still set up. LOL Thanks for your visit. I don't even post on there like I use to, but I do visit Facebook everyday.


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