Friday, 7 July 2017

A Trip Down the Grand Canal

The first day I was in Venice in May I decided to take a vaporetto trip up the Grand Canal. Well it went up along the Giudecca Canal so I had to get off & get onto another to come down the Grand Canal!

It wasn't a very nice day, in fact it was raining, it was just like being at home. But I still enjoyed it.

Some of the photos are not too clear, the vaporetto was pretty full & it was wobbling quite a bit. Not sure how much it complied with European Health & Safety regs. I never saw any way that numbers were counted but I suppose it's not that deep! So I stayed outside ready to jump off if the need arose!

I don't think the photos are in the correct order for some reason when I copied them into the computer they seemed a bit out of kilter but never mind.

Fancy paying a fortune to go on a gondola trip when it's chucking it down! The chappies selling those ponchos did a roaring trade. 

The Rialto Bridge all refurbished.  It was totally covered last year when I saw it.

A Venice wedding in the rain.

I really love the buildings like these which look like they need a bit of TLC. They look so real not plastic copies.

This is one of my favourites and I love the white arched columns. How great to have a boat outside your front door to pop out for a loaf or a pint of milk!

It's not really sinking! They'll take them down when the Biennale is over. I think!

Peggy Guggenheim's place!

There were not many gondolas out on the canals due to the rain but I think they look good parked up.

Back at St Mark's Square.  Not the usual glorious blue sky you see in the James Bond films & postcards.

Now I couldn't fancy swimming in there, the water didn't look very pleasant but apparently Lord Byron did. He regularly swam the 4 and a half miles from the palazzo where he was staying on the Grand Canal down to the Lido. He was risking a lot as the canal was little more than an open sewer in those days. Well rather him than me!

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