Thursday, 10 December 2009

Granny's Got Talent

A 75 year British granny who lives in Southern Spain along with a partner forty years her junior, has won Spain's got Talent with her acrobatic salsa. Streuth!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is what you're supposed to do when you retire! Just goes to show you're never too old. I think I'll stick to blogging though.

Here's the link to the winning dance which unfortunately I can't find on Youtube, just on the Sun's horrible website. Think they've withheld the copyright.

I'm fiddling around at the moment killing time. We're in the middle of replacing all our windows and doors with double glazed units. My husband is convinced it will save us money on our heating bills. I'm convinced the real reason is getting UPVC units means he doesn't have to paint them.

The cats have been hiding under the bed since first thing when the workmen arrived. Probably won't see them for another couple of hours. I'm desperate for the loo but they're all over the house so nowhere is sacred. Might have to go to my daughter's house when I collect Lauren from school.

Meanwhile I'm lucky that it's a beautiful sunny day and it's not too cold or I'd be perished!


  1. We did that with the window's in the last house we had .You will love them once you get things back in order.

  2. Oh, I hate having work done on the house. With the four cats it's a juggling act from room to room and you're right about the loo situation. (Got a big pot?)

    If I tried these dances I'm sure I'd end up in traction!


  3. We put new windows in our house back in 2005. It really did help with the electric bill.

    I don't think my old bones could dance anymore, although when I was a teen-ager, I never missed a dance. I love dancing. Good for her, all that dancing kept her in great shape.

  4. I think she's awesome! Good for her. I wouldn't have made it past the first minute of that dance.

  5. What a gal! That is what a great attitude and zest for life will do for you. I am happy for both of them.

    You will definitely benefit from the new windows... comfort and energy wise.

    The kitties will recover :)

  6. She has to be on drugs! It takes me a half hour just to unfold in the morning and I'm only 63!

  7. We had new windows installed about 3 years ago. Workmen in my house drive me crazy. We just completed a 6 month rennovation and I am so happy to have my house to myself again!!

  8. Wow that lady impresses me! We replaced our windows awhile back and it made a huge difference in our bill. Double paned windows is what they are.

  9. I saw this lady dance on YouTube this morning. She is quite good at 75 years of age.

  10. regarding your comment about Christmas lights, my mother who lives in Cumbria was saying the same thing as you, that there isn't as many CHristmas lights up this year....

    Gill in Canada

  11. You took the plunge in the end. I don't think yu will be disappointed. Far less work and warmer and quieter.


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