Friday, 4 December 2009

I Got Peter Kaye Tickets!

After missing out on seeing Cliff and the Shadows I decided I wanted to see Peter Kaye when he comes to our area. He hasn't toured for seven years since his children were born so I thought I needed to take the opportunity when it came along.

This morning my daughter rang from work and said the tickets were going on sale this morning at eleven o'clock. Trust her to be at work and pass the responsibility to me! Anyway after a lot of phoning and no success I gave up and gritted my teeth to order online and pay the extra charges.

The performances are not until next November so we have a long wait. Never mind something to look forward to.

In the meantime here's a couple of You Tube clips. Apologies for a little bit of bad language but not too much. He gets inot trouble from his Mam and Nanna when he uses it.

I love this one about family weddings. So true!

Family Weddings:

And here he is on the last ever Parkinson Show trying to create a party mood with Michael Caine, David Attenborough, Billy Connolly and David Beckham.

Last Ever Parkinson:

Post 133


  1. Well I guess it's true, I live a shelter life. However, it's never to late to meet someone new. I must say I have never heard of Peter Kaye.

  2. I do not know him,but bet you will have fun.

  3. By Cliff and the Shadows do you mean Cliff Richard? A friend has waited in line many times to get tickets to go see him. I've heard the name Peter Kay, but wasn't exactly sure who he was. I'm sure you will have fun.

  4. I bookmarked the videos so I can watch them later. I hadn't heard of him.

  5. I suspect you are in for a treat.

  6. I have never heard of him, he hasn't "made it" yet on the other side of thre pond!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. I enjoyed this post immensely. Never heard of the fellow but I can't believe he hasn't been on our Comedy network. Probably he has. The family wedding skit was right on. Both videos so funny. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These were funny - never heard of Peter Kaye but he is funny! Loved the bit about the dancing at weddings.

  9. Not sure you'll be seeing him live in the USA. He hasn't toured in the UK for 7 years because of his young family.

    There are lots of DVDs of his earlier tours and his TV comedy programmes such as Phoenix Nights.

    Last year he did a skit on the X Factor, it was huge and really annoyed Simon Cowell. It was called Britain's got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice. It was hilarious!

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  11. Stupid daughter--how dare she be at work when the tickets go on sale! That's why I never had children. I mean, you spent all that money raising her, and where is she when you want her to do something?

    Wow, tickets a year in advance! Since I'm basically a homebody who never goes to ANY live performances, I had no idea it was even possible to arrange tickets that far in advance.

  12. Hope you enjoy. I was not sure who you were talking about but recognise the picture.

  13. Snowbrush - It's the first time I've been to a show in about twenty years. Also any way these companies can get money out of you, they will! Not only a year in advance but an extra booking charge on top of the ticket price when you do it online. You have to book online because the phone lines are permanently engaged.

  14. The name sounds familiar, but I still don't think I have ever heard of him. Glad he irrated Simon though. Simon has started to grow on me though...over the years.
    I'm happy that you are happy for scoring these tickets. Let us know how it goes!


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