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Amalfi, Italy - Saturday 12 September

Apologies to Christmas buffs out there!

I realise my header is not very seasonal but I like looking at photos that conjure up happy memories. Anyway you can see Christmas and winter photos everywhere so I'm just going to be the exception! Maybe I'll put some Christmassy stuff up in July! Back to the story.

Well I'd heard about Amalfi from friends who had been there but don't think I've ever seen it. Although I think I might have caught a glimpse in a James Bond film once.

Here's our first view of the coastline.

Amalfi Coast

Now here we are again. Lots of houses up on the hills! Although the view must be fantastic, I still wouldn't like to live up there. Just imagine having to work in those terraced gardens. The drop over the edge of that cliff doesn't bear thinking about. Every time it rained I'd think the house was going to slide down but I suppose they must be quite safe.


Here's the beach at Amalfi which is quite nice. The sand wasn't very fine or golden. Maybe it's a man made beach but the water looked very inviting. Again we hadn't taken bathing costumes!


It was very busy in the town, well it was Saturday but luckily there were no cruise ships there, other than ours of course.

Amalfi Square

I loved the way the Sant Andrea cathedral was pressed between the buildings as if it was an afterthought and they just didn't have enough room or money to build a detached cathedral.

Sant Andrea Cathedral

Lovely coming out of church and just straight over to sit in one of the cafes for a cuppa. Another church you had to pay to enter so we gave it a miss.

Just look at the steps up there. Not sure how they make that accessible for wheelchairs. Think they'd have to put a lift in. At home they've got rid of some beautiful steps in front of churches and other buildings and put in the most hideous ramps.



I still can't believe they allow traffic up these streets. They are full of people and so narrow.


There were lots of tourist shops but some great fruit and veg ones too.

Luvly jubbly!


Obviously they grow lots of lemons in this area, the shops were full of Limoncella which is the famous local liqueor.


Now I'd love to be able to buy tomatoes like this instead of the EU regulation all the same size and colour ones we get. They tell us that that's what the customers have demanded. Total rubbish!


Just look at those gorgeous peppers.


I had to take a picture of this briliant balcony. It was a part of a little clothes shop. It's an unusual way to display clothes.

Balcony boutique

Here's a close up.


Here's a derelict little chapel. Yes, it's high on the hill!


Next stop is Livorno, Italy!

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  1. I don't think you should apologize for displaying stunning photos. I wish I could actually be there for Christmas instead of here. It's gorgeous.

    I loved that shop display. People are so clever.

  2. WOW...WOW...WOW...and WOW!!! Have you been taking photo classes...these are stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Winifred, You do take beautiful pictures.

    After slipping in ice today and almost killing myself I am ready to move to Amalfi.

  4. I love your header and being on your tour to see what you saw.

  5. Wow, beautiful. I wouldn't want to live a few feet away from a cliff though--whether on the top or on the bottom--cause something might either fall on me or me on it.

  6. Your photos are amazing! I love the close ups of the tomatoes and peppers. I love the cliffs, the architecture. What's not to love. What a wonderful place! Thanks Winifred for taking us there!

  7. Thank you for these beautiful pictures and sights. I would love to hear and smell too :)
    I remember when I was a teenager there used to be a shoe designer named Amalfi - it was one of the few brands that carried my size (size 10 Narrow)
    Also - I grew up in southern California so Christmas was always warm and sunny - kids out riding their new bikes and skates.

  8. These photos are mesmerizing, Winifred! :) And...I love your name! Because it always reminds me of 18'th century England! Winifred! :) Winnie? :)

    Holiday Cheers! Merry Christmas! :)

  9. Amalfi looks really pretty. Would love to go someday (I seem to want to go everywhere). I am interested to see what you thought of Livorno. We were there last October.

  10. gday Winifred. Wow Beautiful photos of your trip to Amalfilooks an amazing place...

  11. Looks like a nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Can't even imagine how they get around on those hills. Cars or horse and carts?

  12. Lovely photos and it is amazing how they live on the side of the hill or is it cliffs?

    You are a fantastic photographer, and I noticed in some of the photos you were high above the crowd. Was there a balcony or were you in an air balloon? Great photos and can't wait to see the photos of Italy.

  13. 凡走過必留下痕跡!不留言對不起你!..................................................

  14. These are fabulous pictures of Amalfi. Have not been there but drool every time I see pictures of that wonderful coastline.
    I shall be scrolling through these a number of times.

    No cruise, but a party organised and arranged and paid for by my son and daughter.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I know I would certainly want (and LOVE) to live up in those houses!!!! Truly I would!!!! But!!! Good Lord!!!! What are those mannequins doing out there on that terrace????!!!!! hahhhahahahhahahahaha!

    Merry Christmas, Winifred!!!!!! :)


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