Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Dr Who

I always love the BBC Christmas adverts. This year it's Dr Who as Santa on his Tardis sleigh. Just brilliant!

We're going to miss David Tennant as Dr Who. He's been great. Maybe the best of all. He'll be a hard act to follow.

He bows out in a two part programme, The End of Time, shown on Christmas and New Year's Day.

Adios David! It's been great. (Source BBC Radio Times)

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  1. He is such a brilliant actor everyone had to know this would happen. We're really just now starting to hear about him as his career expands.

    Thanks for sharing that video. My grandkids are going to love that if they haven't seen it.

  2. Gonna miss him; he and Christopher Eccleston were great. I have always watched Dr Who and whichever one is on, they are your favourite because they make it their own.
    I really am not sure about this new though ....I was hoping Johnny Depp would go for it lol. Not some kid I am old enough to have given birth do lol
    Also, I think Dr whos 'daughter' may be in this new lot when the normal series starts...not looking forward to the sad bit though. It was bad enough When Billie Piper had to say goodbye..I cried and cried lol

  3. I'm not familiar with David Tennent but just in the few brief seconds of this video you can tell he is a wonderful actor. I will google up the Dr Who series to see if we can get it in USA

  4. I think the current Dr Who is available in the USA.

    I've also watched this series since I was young and always enjoyed it even when the scenery and props were rubbish! For anyone who isn't familiar with the series, there have been lots of different since the first, William Hartnell. David Tennent is one of the very best.

    I think he’s doing a pilot for a new American show for NBC as the title character, Rex Alexander, in an hour-long pilot for NBC in the US called, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. He plays a top Chicago litigator who suffers panic attacks and teaches clients to represent themselves. Sounds good. Look forward to hearing his American Accent!

  5. Do you know Dr. Who has been on since 1963.

  6. Que bonito, no lo podrias mejoras si lo repites, original,que pases una felic navidad con los tuyos
    un salud
    felices fiestas


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