Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nigella's Christmas Kitchen

I heard someone describe Nigella's programme as food porn.

Have to say that after watching her Christmas show tonight I know exactly what they mean. She makes food sound so fabulous and so easy. I like her style!

Will probably have a go at her little Christmas Puddini Truffles. They look scrumptious. Her Triple Cheese and Onion Strata looks great too.

Even if you're not a keen cook, her programme is a great one to watch just for her style. She's gorgeous and not a skinny bird, she likes her food.

If you missed it here it is on the BBC iPlayer again and most of the recipes.

Nigella's Christmas Kitchen


  1. I am a fan of Nigella, and think she makes food sound gorgeous.

    I will be posting the recyled Christmas card projects on Janaury 2nd.


  2. Hello Winifred, how are you doing ? Packing and moving is the pits. We went last week for brunch with our girls. They will all have Christmas with there familys this year. The new house is a real down size and that is what we were looking for. I have to much stuff that own me.LOL

  3. I don't get those shows, so I don't know about her. Your post below looked like a lot of work. I get those occasionally through emails and never know quite how to answer them. I usually come up with some kind of joke if I don't know the answer. Where is Kalithea Bay Winifred? The picture on your side bar. The water looks beautiful.

  4. I like to watch Nigella - so does OH! - but have missed the programmes so may watch on line. The Puddini thingies sound good.

    A x

  5. Hi Winifred,

    I have never seen Nigella here, but I love watching our Food Network, and have favorites on there. I agree, the puddini truffles sound delicious. I am making some truffles for a get-together, as well. I just hope I can get out later this week to get to the get-together!

    Have a great week.

    Holiday hugs,


  6. Good morning. We're all iced over here this morning, schools are running on a two hour delay, but I have a feeling they will end up canceling for the day.

    Thanks so much for lighting a candle for Abe. We both appreciate that very much. They are going to do the talc procedure again, in hopes that they will have the lung good and coated and hopefully it won't collapse again, but they can't guarantee that it won't. This may end up being something he will just have to live with.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. She is def. food porn...especially the last moughful she takes from her fridge at the end of the programme. I have banned dh and ds (13) from watching her after watching them drool through a whole episode and then not name one thing that was cooked!!! bah humbug lol

    Dont worry about sending me a mag...I have lots to work on at the mo and get guilty at freebies lol...the weirdo that I am ;-)

  8. I used to love watching her shows-she used to be on the Discovery Channel in the States. I think. Still, her food always looked amazing and simply prepared as well. I will have to try to look up this episode on line.

    Gaynor made me laugh. I get those response too when watching certain shows. The way to a man's heart....

  9. I tried Nigella's Sticky Gingerbread this year but what a disappointment I found it. Not sticky, just soggy and feeling undercooked.

    Nice to see the Millenium bridge so well in Gateshead, the home town of my husband.,

  10. I live for BBC i player shows...I do wish they could show EVERYTHING though.


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