Monday, 27 October 2008

Chocaholic Alert!

Hot Chocolate Fondant Pudding with a Gooey Centre

Now I’m not a chocaholic. Not that I refuse a Thornton’s Continental when one is offered or a Cadbury’s Flake. I do enjoy chocolate, milk chocolate, now and again. I just don’t crave it and I never buy it for myself, only for my grandchildren.

Nathan and Lauren, my grandchildren love chocolate and they love chocolate cake and pudding. So when I watched TV chef Phil Vickery on the TV programme, This Morning, making these chocolate puddings, I knew I had to try the recipe for them. The recipe is here along with a video of the chef making the puddings. There are a couple of ads first and a brief description of the different types of chocolate. The video and instructions are very good.

Link to video and recipe

I made the puddings and they were fabulous!

A few things to note before you try this:

1. My mixure made more than 6 puddings, I ended up with 9. Maybe my ramekin dishes are smaller than the ones on the programme. When I make this again I’ll halve the ingredients and still get at least 4.

2. Eat them immediately. They go a little hard if you don’t. As they tell you in the video you can leave the mix in the ‘fridge for a while before you bake it. Just add a couple of minutes to the cooking time.

3. They are delicious but very rich. I could only eat half of one pudding. Wish I’d had some crème fraîche to take the edge off. So be warned!


  1. After seeing your post just now I had to go and open up some more of my Halloween candy and eat a few handfuls of M and M's!


    : )

  2. Is there any left for the little visitors?

  3. Grammie is funny. This recipe looks delicious. My new favorite ice cream has shavings of dark Belgian chocolate in it. I have a small amount every day to satisfy that chocolate craving. I just may try this recipe for a special day. Thanks.

  4. Our favorite restaurant, where we go Sundays after church, serves a decadent chocolate/peanut butter pudding with lots of whipped cream on top. We enjoy it often. Your pudding sounds delicious as well. One day, I may try to make it as well.


  5. Yum..sounds wonderful. I love sweets. I noticed your slide show at the bottom and was wondering if that is a bridge. It looked the the St. Louis Arch but I know it isn't.

  6. That looks so good. What happen to your picture on my blog? I miss your sweet face.

  7. Brenda
    It's the Millennium Bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead not far from where we live. It's more locally referred to as the Blinking Eye because part of it moves upwards to let the river traffic through. It's also a bit of a pun as "blinkin" is used here instead of a swear word by older people. My grand dad always said "blinkin" as he never swore. I think there are a few bridges with this design. I must be one of the few people in the NOrth East who have never walked across it. One of these days I will & I'll Blog it.

    That sweet face is long gone! Not sure what happened to the picture so I've reinstalled it. I should find another one but I never get my picture taken, I hold the camera!


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