Monday, 27 October 2008

Awesome Grandmas Who Blog

Well I have to say I've never thought of myself as awesome. The Pyramids, Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal and Durham Cathedral, now they fall into the category of awesome.

However Renie Burghart got in touch and told me that she and I, along with Grannie Annie had been nominated as "Awesome Grandmas Who Blog" by Lemondrop. How on earth did they find out about us? There must be millions of Bloggers out there. Amazing!

What's strange is that Lauren Bohn who wrote the article said that only 5% of bloggers are over 50. So we are in the minority yet we have more time for blogging than younger people. Maybe we need to spread the word more. Have to say I don't know anyone else who Blogs young or older. Younger people in my family use Facebook and other social networking sites but I'm not keen on them. I prefer the diary style of blogging.

Lauren Bohn asked for recommendations of other grandma bloggers, so just to let you know I've nominated a lot more grandmas who blog. Keep an eye out you might be in there soon.


  1. Winifred,
    Congratulations on being famous on Lemondrop! I need to go back and read it again because I am not sure what Lemondrop is. But I say you are a wonderful Gramma also!
    Our priest gave a homily today that had a good message, but he was saying that we need to get off the computers and start doing more face to face communications. Well, I say, perhaps, but I would not a have the chance to get to know someone as nice as you in England or some people in Canada or Australia. I may never get to know anyone in other countries if it weren't for the internet.
    I am with you also, in that, I love blogging diaries and I don't care for emails and facebook, etc.
    Have a great day!

  2. Winifred,
    Congratulations on being famous on Lemondrop. I am one of your new readers and I say you deserve to be famous! I find your posts educational, entertaining and amusing. I too enjoy the blogging diaries and like Brenda said I never would have communicated with people from Australia, Canada, Holland, and England if not for the blogger diaries.

    Have a wonderful day.

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  4. Sorry about the other post .
    I say Brenda is right on, with her comment.

  5. Ditto all of the above. I'm particularly fond of Brenda's blogs too. She always finds a way to make me smile. I'm over 50 but not a grandmother yet. One of these days....

  6. HI Winifred, congrats on the award...Thanks for your visit to my blog.

    We grandmas have to stick together since we're in the minority in the blog world.

    Looks like a nice blog you have. I'll be back to check out more of it.

  7. I've got my hand up! I'm another Granny who Blogs! As far as I can see we're in the majority, but then I'm 'drawn' toward my own 'type' I suppose. Anyway, count me in!

  8. Hi Winifred,

    I have no idea how they chose someone at Lemondrop. There are so many blogs besides blogger. I know several on Word Press. I don't really post that often, and I know many awesome bloggers on here. It is nice to have blogging friends all over the world, actually. I do enjoy yours very much, and congratulations on being an awesome grandma who blogs! :-)



  9. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. You're very kind. You just don't know who is reading your Blogs do you!

    For the older generation computers and the Internet keep us informed and our brains active! A Blog a day keeps Alzheimer's at bay!

    For the housebound and disabled they can get them out into the wider world and give them access to so much more from life. For the young, the sky's the limit. They are such great tools for communicating.

    Brenda, maybe your priest could use a Blog to post his homilies for people who can't get to church or maybe video a service for them. People seem to just believe the worst about computers and the Internet which is such a shame they are missing out on something amazing!

  10. Hey Winifred,

    I read about your award on Renie's blog. Congratulations. I'm very delighted to have found a group of "mature" bloggers.

    Have a great day.

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. Winifred, my computer has been giving me fits and I had no idea about this nomination until I read it here. Who knew we were so famous. Isn't this fun?

  12. Also thanks for the Birthday wishes, I appreciate that very much.

  13. Congrats, I don't know what lemond drop is! I to, as you know am a Grandma blogger!

  14. Awesome Grandmas who blog! How cool is that?!?
    I am a Grandma who had an Alzheimer's mother. I LOVE the comment above "A Blog a day keeps Alzheimer's at bay!"


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