Thursday, 5 October 2017


I do love Lake Garda and Sirmione in particular is a lovely old place.

Just got back from a tour staying at the pink hotel on the right edge of the photo. Well we were based there but were out touring for five of them!

Although I've been there 5 times one place I never got to see was the Grotte di Catullo. It sounds like a grotto but it's really a Roman Villa or rather the remains of one. This time I made it & it's an amazing place, it's absolutely huge.

It was difficult to visualise what it had looked like until I saw this noticeboard and then later went to the museum to watch a video about it. 
This is what it would have looked like. You can see how the villa was built on a sloping site which was no mean architectural feat. 

It was quite hazy day but you can see what fantastic views that family must have had from their home. 

The height of these arches was immense.

Remains of a brick tiled floor.  You can see the depth of those floor tiles on the side.

Well I've probably bored you enough with these photos.

A coule of days before I walked along the lake edge below the villa and these photos are of the limestone strata where people were sunbathing & going for a dip. This gives you a better idea of what those fabulously wealthy villa owners looked out every day at.

Well I have to go back there again but for a holiday!!!!


  1. That is one amazing place!
    Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Such an enormous place. I love seeing the architect's rendering. Could you even believe such an architectural feat?

  3. Just today, I was looking at the oldest human structure (the local city clerk's office) in my part of Western Oregon, USA, and when I did the math, it came to 167 years. I envy Europe its old stuff (that is what two world wars didn't destroy), and it might sound odd, but I grieve that I don't have old things where I live. The oldest things that have EVER been found in my part of the world were some 9,000 year old sandals and some 15,000 year old human poop (both of which were found in caves). How sad is that! Whatever the virtues of Native Americans, they sure didn't leave much until you get down into Mexico. I actually have a couple of hundred arrowheads, spearheads, grindstones, and so forth that I took to "identification day" at the local museum, where I was told that they might be several hundred years old but, then again, they might be several thousand years old. Well, gee whiz, thanks a lot.

  4. I remember this villa well from our visit way back in 2005. I was amazed at how huge it was.

  5. We loved Lake Garda but didn't get to see those ruins. What I'd give to wake up to that view every morning! We went to Lake Como this year but I must say I prefer Garda x

  6. How utterly gorgeous! What were those little holes in the walls for I'm wondering...and thanks for leaving a comment for me ....I didn't realize the girl was making toast, thanks!

  7. back tonight with hubby so he could enjoy your post!

    1. Maybe he'll have some better ideas about all those holes in the walls.

  8. Hi Winifred, No that candle ring is not real. I bought it in Hobby Lobby. I liked it too. The really special thing is that the candle is battery operated...and has a timer so in the evening it comes on by itself, love that! You may have the same thing ? The plastic flame blows about and looks absolutely so real. Hope you are having a cozy evening...


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