Friday, 16 June 2017


I never tire of visiting Venice, I love it. It's one of the few places I love even if the weather isn't good. That's probably my favourite view, the island and church of San Giorgio Maggiore. I think I took that photo when it was clearing after a day of rain but it's still beautiful. 

I know some people don't like it, they moan about the crowds, the prices, the tat etc, yes they really do. Although even The Doges Palace & St Mark's Square look OK from the top of the bell tower on San Giorgio Maggiore despite the crowds.

Another view from the bell tower. I just think it's gorgeous! Wouldn't mind a swim in that pool!

I met a couple in Marks & Sparks cafe at home last week who were listening to my conversation with my sister about booking some flights to Venice as my husband has never been there. Yes I leave him behind at least twice a year to visit Venice & Lake Garda, for work! They interrupted to give their "advice" as they thought I hadn't been there before and they started to tell me how horrible it is now. I told them I have been a number of times & had just come back from Venice the day before and I love it. I said yes it probably is more crowded and expensive than it was thirty years ago, isn't everywhere? Not exactly the response they expected but each to his own I say, we're all different. They were definitely the glass half empty type of people!

One of the worst places I ever visited for the tourist hordes was to the lovely little town of St Ives in Cornwall a couple of years ago. Well it would have been lovely probably at 6am before the hordes descended on it. It was absolutely horrendous, cars blocking the tiny streets (which really should be pedestrianised as they have a good cheap park & ride system) and heaving with crowds of people everywhere including lining the promenade sitting eating ice creams or fish & chips. You couldn't move for them. YUK! Give me Venice any day.

Anyway back to Venice. The Venice Biennale had started a week or so before we arrived last month and there were lots of interesting pieces of art displayed across the city. I'm no art connoisseur and can only take culture in small doses so I didn't pay to go into the exhibition. There was so much to see it would have taken weeks! But I did enjoy seeing bits of art as I wandered around.

Here are some of the photos I took of a few of the things that caught my eye over the three days I was there.

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn's installation called " Support" on Ca' Sagredo.  Weird but very effective!

A bit gross, a man and a horse with a serpent wrapped around them.

Our little ship, well boat really, was berthed right down near the Giardini where the main part of the exhibition was held. However just opposite where we were berthed there were two little parks with some sculptures in them. 

I liked the tortoises from the Seychelles.

This was a bit weird. Some random bloke putting his dog on the sculptures to take its picture!

I did like this one, it was huge and I could see it from my room on the ship. We were berthed just over the road from it. It's King Kong Rhino by Shih Li-Jen. No I didn't know that, the name was on the plinth!

These looked like bits of somebody's spine!

This one was ridiculous. Just loads of life jackets hooked onto a black metal circle!!!! Anybody could do that. 

 No idea what these were meant to be! Looked like bubbles on a stick.

The next ones were my favourites. They looked so real, they even had wisps of hair sticking out from their bathing hats that were blowing in the breeze.

No sadly the yacht in the background wasn't the one we were staying on!

Now she is the one I kept thinking would step off the plinth! Notice I said she & not it.

You could see the drops of water glistening on her and the creases in her bathing costume and the folds in her skin were amazing.

You could see the veins on her feet and the even the follicles on her skin. I thought her feet looked really good but one woman said she could do with a pedicure! Have to say I wish my feet looked half as good.

The work of Carol Feuerman an American artist and hyperrealist sculptor and definitely my favourites

It was great seeing all these works of art just placed in parks and outside buildings. A shame that some people didn't keep their children off them or their dogs!

I'll take you on a trip up the Grand Canal soon! I'm getting back into the swing of posting now I have a decent computer.


  1. wow, so glad to see a new post and i think i saw one below that i'll read next. Anyway, love all the photos and I would be so excited to see these places in person - those statues are amazing.

  2. Ι've been to Venice twice and I've loved it. It might get crowded at times, but there are always some 'neighbourhoods' , canals and bridges away from the central square you can visist, where things are much more quiet. I wish I could go again . My dream is to go there during Carnival time and dress up . I adore the handmade masks they sell.
    Thank you so much for sharing these photos . The realistic sculptures of the swimmers are really fantastic.
    Have a very good weekend.
    Tina x

  3. I was in Venice late May and my friend and I loved the Rhino because it is like nothing else there but forgot to get it's name. Thanks for posting it cause I couldn't find it anywhere online! We called it Techno Rhino.

    1. Well that's a really good name for it & you're right it's like nothing else there. I'm going back in a few weeks time but only for the day so haven't got much time. I'm going to try to check out the Jewish Quarter where I have never managed to reach. Way=tch this space!

  4. Wow that is a great post, we are now on Facebook, under Bennie Smith
    would love to see you there.

  5. Hi Patsy

    Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are both well, we are fine. Just heading for winter now. One day lovely warm sunshine the next cold windy & wet. I’m not complaining at least we don’t get hurricanes. Poor souls I really feel for them.

    I don’t do Facebook, not my favourite place I’m afraid. Saw too many comments that were not very nice so I opted out.


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