Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Favourite Places

There are some places you visit and they stay with you, they're so special.  This is mine!

I've blogged about it before, probably more than once. It's a place I've visited since I was young and countless times over the years.  I can't even describe the feeling I get when I go there. I've Skywatched it too!

This is part of the view I see when I'm returning home from my tours by train.  I know I'm home when I see it.  It has such a grand position overlooking the little city and has stood there for centuries surviving all kinds of events, wars, the Reformation and reminding us that it amazing people built it and have continued to maintain it for us for centuries.

I decided this year that I wanted to do something to help share and pass on the love for the building that so many people have so I decided to become a volunteer steward to welcome visitors to the Cathedral. 

I spent my first morning as a volunteer yesterday and I can't describe how much I enjoyed it. There were so many visitors from all parts of the world and all ages; to help them enjoy their visit is our remit.  My face was aching from smiling but it wasn't a forced smile, I felt so happy speaking to visitors, answering questions (some I had to pass over to others who knew more about the Cathedral than I do) and listening to the other stewards and learning from them.  It was such a joy to be there I came home beaming and on a high!

On Friday I'm doing a tour with a Cathedral guide so I will start the huge amount of learning I need to do before I'll feel comfortable in my new role. Meanwhile I'm reading up on the Northern saints, St Cuthbert whose shrine is in the Cathedral & St Bede who is also buried there.  Hope I can remember the dates people always ask about them.

Wish I could post some photographs of the interior of the Cathedral but sadly photography isn't allowed without a special licence.  If you want to take a look inside you can here with photographs much better than I could take.


  1. My DD went to Durham University, her college was on The Bailey so looked onto the Cathedral. Her graduation ceremony was held in the cathedral on a very wet cold June day.

    1. She must have enjoyed being there seeing it every day. Yes June can be a bit chilly here.

  2. That would be unbelievably wonderful to see such a sight every day.

  3. Well every day might be too much of a good thing!

    Not sure what's happening with the Blog. When I go to post a comment I'm getting random comments from other people not related to the post. Weird!!!!

  4. How exciting to spend your days amidst so much history, and beauty.
    Lucky duck :)

  5. Really a beautiful spot and I can see why it's a favorite of yours. Good luck in you new role!!

  6. It is truly a magnificent building.

  7. Feels good to come visit my blogger buddies! Your travels sound so exciting to me. I'm afraid I don't get out much anymore so I will imagine visiting some of your places with you. Hugs!

  8. Such a beautiful place. I have no idea where I might go in Oregon USA to find anything close to such grandeur. I hope you continue to enjoy your volunteer work.

  9. I just noticed on the guided tour page that the people in the tour were nicely dressed. I'm not kidding when I say that in America they would be clad in shorts and t-shirts. I hadn't realized how different things were who you are.


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