Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I Thought I had A Nasty Virus!

I got a shock when I was looking at a sewing and crochet blog tonight that had some really useful information on it when suddenly a big white screen popped up backed by the Microsoft or rather A Microsoft page. An American voice told me my computer was infected and I had to ring them to get help to get rid of the virus. I had to do this immediately as my credit card details, personal information, Facebook Login etc was being sent to the scammers.

Well at first I thought this is a scam and tried to shut the browser down but I couldn't close the page. So I shut down the tablet and rebooted, only to find the same page was back. This made me a bit worried and I almost went into panic mode but then my brain went into gear. (Well what passes for my brain nowadays). I don't have any programs, it's a tablet so they couldn't have installed a virus or malware. Also if it was really Microsoft they would know it was a UK registered tablet so no point in giving a US Toll Free number! Yes scammers at work here.

So how to get rid of this problem as I'm no techie &  couldn't remove a programme as there aren't any. Luckily my husband has an old laptop so I looked up some information.

It was really just a pop up window on the browser so all I had to do was press control Alt & Delete to bring up the Task Manager, locate Internet Explorer  & then End Programme.


I'll be avoiding those really nice Craft Blogs now as it was obviously an ad which must have popped up as the mouse moved over the page. They do tend to have loads of them. On the plus side it will probably save me a lot of time, I can rummage around for ages looking at nice patterns & craft ideas.

There really are some nasty folks out there trying to scam you and it is a shock when that message and the voice start and you can't get rid of the blooming thing. Key is not to panic.


  1. My poor neighbors didn't get the scam on a popup window but they did get a phone call that their computer was infected and they followed the directions which did caused a real problem then they paid the people $250 to fix it. I hated it that they didn't ask me. I would have warned them.

  2. I hate it when things like that happen. Glad you were able to fix it.

  3. I've had a few phone calls trying to get me to give out credit card details etc. but now I play games with them, because they always tell me I have a problem with Windows, and I say "Oh no, what's wrong?' I play along for as long as I can, and then tell them that I have a Apple Mac and don't use windows and they cut the call dead.

  4. Yes we get those same phone calls, and obviously from an Indian call center, although the caller's always have such English sounding names, like Rupert 😁
    I have known people to fall for the scams it's so sad.
    Happy to learn you were on your guard, and they didn't claim another victim.

  5. We have been having same trouble here.
    They never stop trying. If it is not our computer
    it is the phone calls. My Apple Ipad seams safe for now.

  6. Even quite reputable sites can have this malware on, so it's not just the blogs. The trick is I guess not to click on anything that looks like an ad. It's a shame for the people who pay for ads, and the sites who need to make money out of them.

  7. When I hear about people falling for scams that sound so obvious that I can’t imagine anyone being naive enough to be taken in by them, I tell myself that as I continue to age, the day might come that I’m one of those people. After all, why NOT me; why should I imagine myself from being exempt to getting old and stupid?

  8. It does seem so genuine when it looks like it's coming from Microsoft & when you can't get rid of the message it is worrying. I suppose the key thing is to stop and think rather than being rushed into action. Also helps to have another computer to look up the message.

  9. That would have sent me into panic mode. LOL Lately it seems I have to help Abe more and more, because he's having some problems remembering things and doesn't make note, well he does, but he needs up with a notebook full of crap he's not sure what it's for or where to use it. I have an iMac, so far have been very happy with it and it's not a laptop. Abe just got a new iMac and mine is about 7 years old, his is a lot different then even mine. Sometimes it's a love, hate relationship with computers. He also has a PC, and I almost don't know how to use them any longer. I do like my iPad, rather then turn on my big TV, I have and app that let's me look at all the stations Abe subscribes to, I can hold the iPad in my lap, on this small pillow and use an ear plug. Also play some solitaire games alone, when I want to. My eye is a lot better. Don't want that to happen again. I don't get on my blog everyday like I use to, but I do get on Facebook. There I'm PattyCusterLincoln. Have a wonderful week-end.


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