Thursday, 21 April 2016

Farewell Victoria!

Sometimes you just can't believe someone has gone. I can't believe we've lost Victoria Wood. She was my favourite female comedy actor, writer, song writer, basically she was a comic genius. Luckily we'll be able to watch her amazing performances over & over.

Hard to pick just one piece from her vast repertoire of TV comedy but I love this song. This isn't my favourite version I prefer the earlier ones which were longer but it's still great. What a lady.

Thank you for the laughter!


  1. That was so cute!
    Thanks for the comment on grandson.

  2. Lee at Kitchen Connections is also grieving celebrity losses today. Be sure and read her post. I am sorry you lost a favorite too and thanks for sharing the video. Loved it!

  3. I can't believe it, I'm devastated you know. I saw Victoria twice live, once at the Royal Albert Hall, and she was just so funny. I loved Wood and Walters. Well I loved everything she did. And she was only 62. I have to admit my eyes welled up when I heard the news. Years ago I worked with a photographer, and he rented out part of his house to Victoria Wood. He said she was so nice and quiet and just wrote songs and played the piano and kept herself to herself. This was before she was married and really well known. She'll be so missed.

    1. How great to see her live Joey. You got the imprssion she was so nice & well ordinary. I think that's how she could write the way she did about ordinary people & just magnify them. One of my favourites was Dinner Ladies, it made you laugh hysterically yet it was so poignant too. Her characters were wonderful. She could encapsulate so much in a sentence. One of Dolly's classic was " put two poems up in a bus shelter & call yourself a university!" Just brilliant.
      You're right she will be missed so much but luckily there are so many wonderful programmes she made we can enjoy them for a long time to come.

    2. I agree, but I just feel she had so much more to offer too. Anyway at least, as you say we still have all of her programmes to watch.

  4. I never heard of her before but i loved the video! I'll go do a google search on her. Seems like so many are leaving lately.

  5. Sorry to hear of her passing. Always a shock when one of our favorite people passes. I guess we don't think that can happen to them. I watched the video you posted and enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Winifred, it is nice to visit you. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I like your knit for charity, I'll look up the pattern. (if I don't forget...haha) Sorry to hear this lady passed away!


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