Thursday, 10 December 2009

Granny's Got Talent

A 75 year British granny who lives in Southern Spain along with a partner forty years her junior, has won Spain's got Talent with her acrobatic salsa. Streuth!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is what you're supposed to do when you retire! Just goes to show you're never too old. I think I'll stick to blogging though.

Here's the link to the winning dance which unfortunately I can't find on Youtube, just on the Sun's horrible website. Think they've withheld the copyright.

I'm fiddling around at the moment killing time. We're in the middle of replacing all our windows and doors with double glazed units. My husband is convinced it will save us money on our heating bills. I'm convinced the real reason is getting UPVC units means he doesn't have to paint them.

The cats have been hiding under the bed since first thing when the workmen arrived. Probably won't see them for another couple of hours. I'm desperate for the loo but they're all over the house so nowhere is sacred. Might have to go to my daughter's house when I collect Lauren from school.

Meanwhile I'm lucky that it's a beautiful sunny day and it's not too cold or I'd be perished!