Friday, 4 December 2009

I Got Peter Kaye Tickets!

After missing out on seeing Cliff and the Shadows I decided I wanted to see Peter Kaye when he comes to our area. He hasn't toured for seven years since his children were born so I thought I needed to take the opportunity when it came along.

This morning my daughter rang from work and said the tickets were going on sale this morning at eleven o'clock. Trust her to be at work and pass the responsibility to me! Anyway after a lot of phoning and no success I gave up and gritted my teeth to order online and pay the extra charges.

The performances are not until next November so we have a long wait. Never mind something to look forward to.

In the meantime here's a couple of You Tube clips. Apologies for a little bit of bad language but not too much. He gets inot trouble from his Mam and Nanna when he uses it.

I love this one about family weddings. So true!

Family Weddings:

And here he is on the last ever Parkinson Show trying to create a party mood with Michael Caine, David Attenborough, Billy Connolly and David Beckham.

Last Ever Parkinson:

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