Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas

I know this isn’t seasonal but I have laughed at this more than anything else for ages. The speaker is Frank Kelly aka Father Jack from the well loved TV comedy series, Father Ted.

By the time it got to Day 6 I had lost it and the tears were streaming down my face. My grandchildren think I’m a nutter!

There are lots of Father Ted videos on You Tube but they’ve disabled the embedding so I can't post them.

So if you’re a Father Ted fan, I’ve posted the link to Channel 4 where there are lots of clips. My favourite is in Series 3, Kick Bishop Brennan up the Arse.

Happy viewing.


  1. Oh my...that was hilarious Winifred! Love it! Will have to share it with the hubby... 8-)

  2. Winifred, it's hard to believe that's Frank Kelly! He sounds so incredibly different from the "Girrrls"-man, Father Jack. We've got the whole series on dvd. My favourite ep is the one with the Nazis. Oh my goodness!

    As Mrs. Doyle would say, "Tea, Father?"

    Love it!


  3. Oh, and who could forget the Eurovision song contest with "My Lovely Horse"?


  4. This was a first for me...I had never heard of him til now. Just hilarious!!! I am going to email that one out next Christmas! LOL

    ((( HUGS )))


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