Thursday, 5 February 2009

Brenda’s Tag

Well I finally got around to this Brenda, apologies for the delay.

This is what to do:

Share six random things about yourself

  1. Tag six people and let them know they are tagged on their own blog
  2. Feel free to play the way you want.

Well I'm not going to tag anyone, I already feel I've tagged enough so just feel free to go for this if you want to.

I found it hard, trying to find six things I hadn’t already rambled on about and things I hadn’t included in the last tag.

1. I have a strange attitude to holidays. I spend ages planning them, checking the places out, organising clothes etc. I’ve already started to get out my maps, phrase book etc for our next holiday in May. The anticipation of the holiday is a major part of it. However, once it gets near the date, I don’t want to go. I start wishing I hadn’t booked it. I think of all the things that might go wrong.

~ Something might happen to one of the cats while I’m away, well they’re both about twenty so it could but I have a great pet nanny who looks after them.
~ What if one of us is ill? Well it could happen and we are in a strange country and we’d have to cope.
~ We could be burgled. Yes we could, but that could happen anyway even I we’re at home.
~ The house could catch fire and we'd come back to nowhere to live, just like Victor Meldrew. Well as long as the cats were OK, we're insured and everything apart from the cats could be replaced. Oh my photographs couldn't, I should find a fireproof safe to keep them in.

This happens to me every time now, I should be used to it. However once I get in the car to go to the airport I’m fine. Needless to say it doesn’t stop me booking another once we get back

2. I’m a coffee snob. Well my daughter says I am. I don’t think I am that bad. I have to admit I don’t like instant or filter coffee and only like my latte and cappuchino made from proper espresso coffee machines. I have been known to peer into a café/coffee shop to see what kind of a coffee machine they have. I’m too embarrassed to go in and ask, just in case it’s not suitable because then I’d have to come out again.

3. I used to play the violin. My granddad bought me my own violin and I started to learn to play it at school. The main reason for doing this was because you could get out of playing sport and going to PE lessons by going to violin lessons and practising. I hated hockey, netball and anything like that. I was too small and I haven’t an ounce of competitive spirit in me. I also hated school, so when I left at 16, I stopped playing my violin. It’s one of my greatest regrets, I really liked it but wanted to get away from all things associated with school. I love to hear Yehudi Menuhin playing, the sound is so sweet not the horrible screeching I probably made.

4. I don’t lose my temper easily. I haven’t lost it a lot in my life because when I do I’m really horrible. One problem is I know I let things build up and don’t speak out when I should, usually because I’m trying to keep everybody happy. The rare occasions when I lose my temper leave me drained, I can’t forget about it, I cry and can’t sleep. What a wimp! Why am I not a bit more assertive then it wouldn’t get to the losing my temper stage?

5. I’m a very patient driver. People seem to be very impatient and use the horn a lot these days. I rarely use it because I don’t like it when people start beeping and you jump wondering are they beeping at you.

6. I like telly much more than I used to. I suppose I didn’t have as much time to watch it when I worked.
I love:
~ Good comedies like Jeeves and Wooster, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Last of the Summer Wine, Blackadder, The Royle Family, One Foot in the Grave, Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses, and anything with Victoria Wood and Julie Walters in it.
~ Dramas like Kingdom, Wild at Heart, The Royal and Heartbeat.
~ Costume dramas like Pride and Prejudice, Cranford and Larkrise to Candleford.
~ Police and detective shows as long as the violence isn’t too graphic. My favourites include Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost, Pie in the Sky, Foyle’s War, Life on Mars, The Rockford Files, Harry O, Monk and for a touch of humour, Diagnosis Murder.

What I really dislike are:
~ Most sport programmes especially the noisy ones.
~ “Reality” TV programmes like Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.
~ Talent programmes like X Factor and Pop Idol.
~ Confession type talk shows, I can’t stand them, they make me cringe.

Now Brenda did ask me to find a You Tube video on hyenas. Well I looked for a clip from Lady and The Tramp where they go to the zoo and the hyenas are laughing. It's my favourite part of the film! Well I couldn't find it. I also looked for something from the Lion KIng which I like too but I didn't pick one of those clips.

This video clip is of real hyenas and I'm sure your laugh doesn't sound anything like this Brenda.


  1. hyenas that is a different take on things. That is what makes blogging so much fun. I think you are a very nice person to.

  2. Well, that was fun. I always like reading about other people and their idiosyncrasies. ;)

    The video was funny, it made my little dog bark, he didn't know what was going on.

  3. Winifred I am EXACTLY the same about holidays, although I also talk myself out of it because of the cats and the money. I always think well we could use it for that. I hope this year to get past all this and finally have a holiday here....but then again I also just love staying home! Great list.

  4. Well that was fun! I love the idea of going somewhere, but I am only good for three nights tops. I am such a homebody! Sounds like you are a worrier, and I am also. Gourmet coffee is such a treat for us. We have some really wonderful Coffee Shops close by that we visit as often as possible. The video was funny, but that is not like my laugh at all. I thought I laughed like a hyena until I heard what a real one sounds like. I guess I will have to get someone to record it someday. I laugh very very hard and can't hardly stop once I start. Thanks for being a good sport about playing! Have a great day!

  5. I wonder if Brenda snorts when she laughs too.

    Loved your tag Winifred. I'm a homebody too, but once I'm away, I like to stay away and hate coming home to the ho-hum of everyday life.

    I can consider myself not tagged since I already did this one. It was fun.

  6. Great post Winifred - I'm right there with you on 1, 4 and 6. We could be twins! A x

  7. I'm with you, can't stand those reality shows either, or the sports, unless it's ice skating. I like comedy, but it's hard to find much on our TV, Use to love a lot of the old TV shows they use to have with Carol Burnett, Red Skelton, Jack Benny and etc. But unless they show some old reruns we just don't have that kind anymore. Most are CSI, murder and etc. I watch a lot of old reruns on a station we have called TVLand. Have to go now, time to fix oldmanlincoln a bite of lunch.

  8. As happy as I am about this sojourn of two months in Nevada, I could hardly make myself get out of bed this morning. I just didn't want to leave. Once I was up, all was well. the first day on the road has been great.

    I loved learning more things about you.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. I am with you on just about all of these except, I am an impatient driver.
    I worry about traveling, I'm afraid of flying. I worry about my little dogs because they don't like going to the Kennel. My house-sitter moved to Savannah. They think going to the kennel is like going to hell! They do not know that they are dogs, and we dare not tell them. "They do stay in the Vice Presidential Suite." Their Doctor is right there if they need Medical attention.They will not speak to us for two days after we get home. They love to put us on a guilt trip.
    We have a fancy cappuccino machine that get lots of use, money well spent. We live in the middle of nowhere. When you think about it, having your own cappuccino machine pays for itself in no time. Starbuck's and Dunkin Doughnuts charge about $4.00 a cup.
    I watch TV, I do not like reality shows, Science Fiction, most Sitcoms, Sports, the exception being Super Bowl. I like mysteries, CSI, Law and Order, Travel,& some Cooking shows. We watch a lot of talk shows to keep informed, I'm not sure that we should, it can be depressing. I am short tempered and impatient at times, usually with good reason after hearing the latest nonsense that our incompetent politicians have done or not done. I seem to yell at the TV a lot these days. I guess I do need a vacation and no TV.
    I will now watch the video, I need a laugh.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing! I had to laugh about your holiday anxiety. We were looking to find a place where we could go with our dogs this summer. They are such family that we feel bad to leave them home (even with a good sitter).

  11. Gday Winifred . Just popped in to say hi... I also done the tag..Oh I think the Hyena is an ugly animal and make a terrible might have guessed there not my favorite animal....

  12. That was so much fun reading. I've never seen a Hyena, not even in a zoo.

  13. Stop by my blog, there is something for you.

  14. Dear Winifred, just here to simply say hi! no other wards can come at this time. best wishes Lee-ann

  15. Hi Winifred,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Cat lovers (ALL animal lovers) are always welcome! ha-ha

    I have 33 myself...most all are rescues that I trapped to save them from going to the shelter and put to death, as ferals are put to sleep immediately the same day they arrive there.

    They are all basically healthy, but the older ones have a few health problems that I treat them for. I have 7 on meds, and 2 receive insulin shots every 12 hours. I am very dedicated to them and love each and every one of them! All are spayed or neutered, no fleas, no diseases, no worms, they get the full treatment before they are ever brought inside! I have them in different areas in my home....12 ferals in my large laundry room, 8 in my office and then 13 in my living area. So it's not as bad as it sounds.

    My son's little "Scooter" had a bad heart condition. He finally had to take her for her last ride in October. She was on 5 different meds. He lost both of his cats less than 7 weeks apart, I think it was. One on Oct. 7, and the other on Nov. 22 last year. I have 8 little chests of cremated remains on my mantle. They are all going in with me when I go.

    I don't care to be away very long, because I worry over my cats, too. Now we are worrying over dear Buster again. My daughter has never married yet so her cats are like her children. Check out my posts listed under Pets, and you will see him after his last surgery last June, and Sweet Pea during her radiation treatments. She had 19 total! Buster took chemo. It keeps my ex and me busy carting them back and forth to another city to this wonderful specialists' facility. They are sooo good there!

    Come by anytime...I'll add your blog to my blogroll.

    Beautiful day here..last I checked, it was 71 degrees!

    ((( HUGS )))

  16. gDAY wINIFRED. I like learning and reading about my blogging friends ...

    Oh I dislike the noise the Hyena's make and their such an ugly aminal...

  17. Dear Winifred ~~ I enjoyed reading your tag answers - well done. Thank you so very much for your comments and concern about the fires in my state of Victoria. First the terrible heat, that dried everything so much that the fires were the worst ever and really severe. The fire fighters have been so wonderful and worked so hard to save so many, I feel sorry for the forensic people who have to face the bodies and try to identify them. Andd the police trying to keep people out of the area, even the residents, until the roads and things are removed. The help has been wonderful for the victims.Take care dear Winifred and thank you. Love, Merle.

  18. Hello again!

    Drop by my blog, as I had passed on some awards to all my readers a post or two ago. Please feel free to grab them and put them on your sidebar! I like to share them with everyone!

    ((( HUGS )))

  19. Hi again Winifred ~ ~ Thank you for your comments and prayers for rain for us. It is so
    desperately needed to extinguish the fires.
    I am glad you like the story of Sam the koala
    and glad you enjoyed the jokes. The Abba Karioke/disco sounds like fun. Good on you.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  20. Im the same way about going away and leaving my animals. Once I'm gone, I do fine. I enjoyed learning more about you, Winifred.

    It's a good thing Brenda doesn't laugh like a hyena. She'd scare poor Clifford to death! lol.

    Thank you for your visits and comments during my ice storm problems. Hope your Sunday is going great!



  21. I really like to read things about people it makes us know so much more about you.


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