Saturday, 3 January 2009

Who Will be the 11th Doctor Who?

David Tennant - 10th Doctor Who

Well people tend to love or hate Doctor Who. My husband, children and grandson have never liked it but have to say I've always loved it, right from the first one, William Hartnell.

I know it wasn't as hi tech as Star Trek or Star Wars but I really enjoyed it. I never found the Daleks frightening but the Cybermen were a bit scary.

I did enjoy the Christmas Special this year on Christmas Day, luckily everyone had gone home and husband had fallen asleep by the time it came on so I got to watch it in peace.

I wasn't very sure about David Tennant as the Timelord, especially after Christopher Eccleston had resurrected the role so well. However he's been wonderful and I'll really miss him. He brought something a bit different to the character, there was a sort of wild energy about him, he was funny, quirky but also much more vulnerable than the others. He gave us a bit more of an insight into the character and his problems of outliving his companions.

David Tennant is leaving at the end of this year and the new Doctor for 2010 will be announced today. He'll be a hard act to follow. So who will it be? Will it be the first woman to pick up a sonic screwdriver? Catherine Zeta Jones name has been mentioned. Not sure about that one.

Will it be the first black Timelord? Paterson Joseph is apparently high up in the betting. He's brilliant and has been in loads of TV programmes, Casualty, Silent Witness, Soldier, Soldier as well as the film, The Beach. There's also David Morrisey from the Christmas Doctor Who Special and James Nesbitt (Cold Feet and lots more) and John Simm recently of Life on Mars fame. Any of these would be really great.

As David Tennant says whoever it is, their life will change and it's a really exciting role.

Well, all will be revealed at 5.30 pm tonight on the Doctor Who Confidential on BBC1. In the meantime we still have four David Tennant episodes to enjoy.


Well it's all been revealed. The new Doctor is Matt Smith. Matt who? Yes a young (26 year old) and virtually unknown actor.

I have to say I'm not impressed but then I wasn't last time so I'm not a good judge.

Well maybe that's a good thing. We have no expectations of him, so it'll be a surprise to us what he's like.

Want to see him and his interview? Take a look here.


  1. My son is here and I'll remind him the new Dr. Who is to be announced tonight. He and the kids love that show.

  2. I'm in good company then. I didn't realise it was popular in the USA.

  3. So who is it then? Just looked at my clock and it's just after 5:30pm where you are????

  4. I will have to watch Doctor Who when we get hooked up to the TV, but they will not be here until Monday. So next week.

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  6. Well, I for one am gutted. I am a huge Sci Fi fan and love Dr Who...but do not like the new one at all; It could never be a woman, it has to be a time LORD...THEY change forms, not sex, and I wouldnt give a monkeys what colour the Dr was....but the boy they have now?? Watched his interview: no personality, no charisma and looks like a weasel. The boy from About a Boy and Skins would have been better if going for a youth angle. writer, and new Who.
    Dont think I could even bring myself to watch it

  7. I don't make any, so I don't have any to break. LOL

  8. Mmm I think I'll reserve judgment about him. Apparently the people selecting the new Timelord "knew" as soon as they saw him that he was "the one".

    He has 6 months to get his act together so......

  9. I'm lost. Is this something in the UK only, or am I just out of the loop? As for resolutions, I never seem to keep them. I have such good intentions, but then again, we know which road is paved with them, don't we?

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. wish I got your tv enjoyment came from a special about the White House on C-span. I'm hoping to order the dvd. Your new Dr. looks awlfully young!

  11. Dear Winifred ~~ I am not into Dr. Who, so I don't care who they chose.
    Glad you liked the story of Molly -it was popular. Ane the Mary Margaret joke was funny.
    I hope 2009 will be a great year for you and your family. Take care, Love, Merle.

  12. I lost track of Dr Who after Tom Baker so not really in a position to comment. I saw part of the programme introducing the new Dr though and did wonder who he is (apologies to him). Hope you enjoy the rest of the David Tennant episodes and the new Doctor, Winifred.

  13. I never really watched the show (well, maybe out of the corner of my eye sometimes) but I believe a love-interest has crept in and that is awful! Maybe this new Who has sex-appeal. It appears it's needed for everything these days.

  14. I never watched it but I know people who do.

  15. I will have to check it out on BBC America. I've seen episodes here and there but never really got hooked. Perhaps I'll take another look.


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