Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year Resolutions are Bad for Your Health!

I never make New Year resolutions now and so I totally agree with this warning from MIND the mental health charity.

Apparently about 7 million people in the UK will make New Year's resolutions. Those which focus on the need to lose weight or job worries create a negative self image because if they fail to materialise they can lead to feelings of hopelessness, low self esteem and mild depression. Too true!

“In 2009, instead of making a New Year's resolution, think positively about the year to come and what you can achieve."

Their advice?

  • Being active - exercise releases endorphins and even a gentle stroll is beneficial for mental well-being

  • Going green - evidence has shown that connecting with nature can boost moods

  • Learn something new - it will keep minds stimulated and give confidence

  • Give back to the community - it can be just as rewarding for you as those you choose to help

Yes! Good practical advice based on common sense!

So what could I do?

  • Get back to the pool. I've missed a few weeks now due to the bug and the Christmas rush.

  • Visit the Washington Wetlands Centre that's just up the road from me and I've never been. Could get some good photos too.

  • Go to some quilting classes to learn more about it, play my Spanish lessons on my new iPod speakers and book some swimming lessons to learn to do the crawl.
  • I've been thinking about voluntary work for a while now and what I could do. I'm so tied up with taking and collecting my grandchildren from school and nursery that it's difficult to find the time. When Lauren goes to school next September, I'm hoping to help out at the school with craft or ICT lessons. Another thing I've considered is helping the Mission to Seafarers. So many people spend months at sea away from their homes and families bringing us our food and other goods. This is one area I'm going to explore, even if it's just knitting woolly hats for the moment.

Well these are positive things and they're all achievable. However I won't worry too much if I don't do them all. Whatever I do will be an achievement.


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  2. Oh dear I was going to say I am all for the Quilt classes and I never make New Year Resolutions. Have a good day to day. Hugs

  3. Those are great resolutions. I hope you enjoy yourself.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post. I guess i'm not into resoultions. If I made one I would probably break it. This is a subject I must think about tomorrow.

  5. I quit making resolutions years ago. I just never followed through, and after about 2 days I had already forgotten what it was. lol.

  6. I have felt this way for years now. I prefer to take each day as they come. I do like the ideas you have about visiting the area right by you. It looks like a great place to get some pictures. Classes are always fun. All things crafty are my idea of a good time. Volunteering for a variety of causes always gets me out of myself and left with a sense of making a difference. Just being a Grandma keeps me pretty busy, as I am sure it does you also. Enjoy your day!


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