Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The iPod Saga Continues

My iPod

Now just look at it sitting there. Pretty little thing isn’t it? Sounds great too for such a small piece of equipment. It's really small, my car key is longer!

However that's where my admiration ends. It’s amazing how it can be such a real pain to get the music onto it, thanks to iTunes.

Now I’m no quitter, I’m determined I’m not going to let iTunes beat me. I’ve been trying for almost a whole week to put some more CDs onto the computer but it’s such tortuous process. A real pain in the bum!

It's still putting some songs into different folders. Michael Jackson’s Number Ones went into 18 separate folders. So I decided I can live without that on the iPod and took it off.

Still not finding the art work either and it’s so slow. It often freezes totally and I daren’t use any other programs with it. So much for the multi-tasking concept, iTunes puts the mockers on that!

Decided to check out whether other people are having problems. First my son-in-law who has all his music on his iPod. He says he has the same problem with the art work but it doesn’t bother him. Well I can't ignore it, looks horrible. I know I'm a bit of a perfectionist but I hate those blanks. So I’ll have to keep going onto the Internet to find it and manually add it. How come if iTunes is the major online music store they can’t find half my records when they’re all still available to buy?

He has had a different problem with iTunes though, has lost half his music from the laptop! Hasn’t a clue how it happened. Now he has to figure out whether he can get it back from the iPod onto his computer. Hopefully I won't have that problem, but if I do, my backup drive should put them back.
Tried my son next. His comment about iTunes was, “It’s total pants!” He’s about to buy a new MP3 player, one that he can use his Windows Media Player with. Looks like I'm not the only one who has problems.

So Apple, (the company that is world renowned for its design of computers), if you can design such nice looking music hardware, why the heck can’t you go the whole hog and get the software to work properly?