Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Simple Things!

Today it's a lovely sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and it's windy. A great drying day. Also a great day for blowing bubbles with Lauren. Sorry the bubbles don't show in the photo. In fact we got so engrossed I forgot about the spaghetti I had put on to cook for her.

Funny how the simple things can give you a lot of pleasure and even save you money. Well apart from when you burn the spaghetti!

When the children were small I had to hang the washing out, we didn't have a tumble drier. In the days before disposables, I used to love to watch those lovely white nappies blowing on the line, even though my fingers were freezing in winter.

Years later, when I went out to work, I used the tumble drier as often as I could justify, to save me time. Couldn't count how many times I hung the washing out before I went to work because it was a lovely day, then I came back to find it soaked.

Now that I've left work and I'm taking life at a different pace, I enjoy going outside to hang out the washing. I don't even mind going out in winter as long as it's fine and windy. I look at the garden, listen to the birds, look at the sky and clouds, have a chat with the cats and then enjoy watching the washing blow from the kitchen window. Very theraputic!

When I take it back in the fresh smell is absolutely wonderful and I know I've not only saved some money but I'm being green and helping to save the planet.


  1. I to use to hang out the wash, even used a wringer washer until 1981. But it was horrible trying to dry clothes in the Winter. Even though they froze dry, they were damp when brought into the house to finish dryer them.

  2. The simple things in life hold the best memories. Your post reminded me of hanging clothes with my Mom, and yes the frozen clothes in Winter. I have not smelled fresh air dried clothes since I was little. Where I live, it would not be possible to do that. But, I have memories. Thanks for bringing the memories back Winifred!

  3. Lovely photo, Winifred.

    I often hang out clothes, because I love the fresh smell. Not all the time though. And not at all in the winter.

    But you are so right, the simple things in life are the best. And chatting with the cats is always fun! I have 5 of them.

    Have a nice Friday.



  4. I love to hang the laundry on the line. I usually can only do that on the weekends, not enough time during the week with my commuting out of town. I love the smell, and especially the towels.

  5. I used to hang clothes on the line all the time before I had kids. After that, not so much. They do smell nice when they come in. Too bad they can't bottle that scent without making it smell like perfume.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It brought me here to visit you...=) We are close to the same age..I'll be 61 in Jan. I enjoyed reading your post....sounds like you know how to enjoy things! I have to admit, I don't hang clothes out, but I do love to see the birds and get some fresh air.

  7. Dear Winifred ~~ Nice post about a good drying day. I always hang my washing on the line, but in Winter have to air it off in the Dryer or by the heater. Thanks for your comments about my post - a mixture of sadness and laughter. I guess that is the way the world is.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  8. What a lovely post...I can almost smell the freshness from your words!

    ...and, thank you for adding me to your elite list of blogs that you read. I am honored.


  9. Good for you being green that way. I, however am a pig, and have used a tumbler dryer all my life. Then again, living in a condo, I suppose doesn't lend itself well to hanging out the wash.

  10. Not everyone can hang their washing out but these days the energy costs are so high I'm doing it more than I used to.
    I have a friend who lives in Barcelona in a flat on the fifth floor. They hang their washing on a clothes line in the central shaft. I never dare use it when I stay there. Knowing my luck I'd drop stuff down and have to go down to the bottom to retrieve it.

  11. I have the same "whirly gig" and I agree I love to hang my laundry out.....there is nothing better than sheets dried outside.

    However with being in Canada, I can't line dry year round, so I have a clothes horse as well to dry inside.

    Gill in Canada


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