Thursday, 16 October 2008

BBC - Spoilsports!

There's no doubt about it. The BBC really know how to spoil a party.

Today is the official celebration for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic teams in London and what a reception they are getting. Well from everyone except the BBC.

They showed the celebrations live and everyone was really enjoying themselves, later they'll go to Buckingham Palace for a reception with the Queen. Nice!

However the chap interviewing Chris Hoy (complete with his 3 gold medals) on the Olympic doubledecker bus, couldn't resist asking him how he felt about the possibility that the funding for sportsmen and women would be cut for the 2012 London Olympics. Think I would have slapped him!

Nice one BBC. It's official, you are spoilsports!

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


  1. There is a spoilsport in ever thing.Winifred check out my friend Frank. He really got a kick about your blog on the ipod.

  2. Thanks for this Patsy.

    I've signed onto Frank & Cloody's Blog.

    Looks like you have great fun at the Village. I don't think we have them here. It's a good idea.

    Glad he liked my iPod blog. I've got a lot of stuff onto it now, not much more to go, but it's been blood, sweat and tears! I'm gping to take good care of it and wrap it in cotton wool as they say. I won't be buying another in a hurry!

  3. Yes, there is indeed a spoil sport in most things. Everything seems to run along pleasantly and then some spoil sport wants to come along and rain on my parade. Sorry, I am reflecting on something unrelated to your post. A personal thing going on in my family sorta. However, we should go on and have ourselves a great day!

  4. I love how you speak your mind!Refreshing...=)

  5. I was brought up to be seen and not heard as a child. My Mam always said "If you can't say anything nice about someone don't say anything at all." Good advice.

    Until I got to 50 I used to keep my thoughts pretty much to myself. Then I listened to all the rubbish that the bosses spouted out at work trampling on everyone and thought it's time I said what I think. Not in a nasty way but to let them know there are other viewpoints.

    It didn't always go down well but at least I didn't go away thinking wish I'd said this or that.

    However I still tried to do what my Mam said and I never made anything personal.

  6. I thin everyone should speak there mind and your very good at speaking yours!


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