Thursday, 30 October 2008

They’ve Lost the Plot!

I’m wondering what on earth is going on with the press and TV.

I watched the news at lunchtime with a sense of wonder. Yes, wonder at what’s going on with the media here in the UK.

So what was on the news?

Well, there was an inspiring item about a soldier who received the George Cross from the Queen today. In Afghanistan he had thrown himself onto a live grenade to shield the other members of his patrol. Amazingly he survived! Was this the top story? No, it got a short mention near the end.
There was another story about hundreds of soldiers marching through Colchester to honour 15 service personnel killed in Afghanistan. No this came at the end of the news.

Then there was the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest where witnesses were giving evidence about the lack of warnings given by the police before they shot Jean Charles in the head on the Tube. No, not the top story.

What about the economy and the fears for the success of largest shopping centre in Europe that’s just opened near London? No!

The freak hail and floods in Devon? No!

The UN fears about thousands of people fleeing from rebels in the Congo? No!

The Pakistan earthquake? No!

The election in the USA? No, no, no! None of these.

The main story the press have had a feeding frenzy with, is the one about DJs, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand and the prank calls they made to actor Andrew Sachs on their Radio 2 show. Yes, they are grown men, grossly overpaid and they behaved like a pair of puerile boys, stupid and very nasty. It's sad that this type of thing passes for cutting edge humour with the young these days. However to make this the main story for three days is ludicrous when you consider what else is happening in this country and the rest of the world. I have no doubt the main story will be exactly the same tomorrow as the resignations and suspension are commented on.

Who decides what makes the main news stories these days? Makes you wonder! I think they’ve definitely lost the plot.

Me? I'm losing the will to watch the news on TV or read the papers!


  1. Sounds like the media here in the US. Makes you wonder, what do they call important. Hope you have a wonderful week-end.

  2. It was a witch hunt, and a classic case of the 'Tall Poppy' syndrome, that I wrote about just last week, citing Russell Brand, before this latest nonsense.

  3. I am so disgusted with the national news here in the USA, I very seldom watch it. I watch the local news and weather report, then turn to something else or shut it off and read a book.

    I don't really care who is sleeping with who this week or next in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world. Call me crazy I don't care.. ;)

  4. The Tall Poppy Syndrome. I think the world has that syndrome.

  5. Why don't you email the producers and ask how a top news tory is decided? I bet you'd get some sort of a response.

    Our news is all about the elections these days and I can hardly wait until they're over! Too much of even a good thing is, well....too much!

    Have a great weekend, Winifred!


  6. I couldn't agree with you more. You wouldn't believe what was constantly on our news about a year ago. Brittany Spears. Every move she made, every single thing she did. I didn't even know who she was, much less why was she the only news out there. The news media must think we are brainless or something. Good post! Have a great weekend!

  7. I mostly watcch the local news. I really just don't watch TV much anymore. Probably spending to much time reading blogs!

  8. I love your rant...I am glad you have some common sense...want to take over the world with me hehe????
    Here in Ireland the local radio station is starting a campaign to offer Russell Brand a job..there is very little political correctness here, he would love it ;-)


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