Thursday, 30 October 2008

Oh No! It's Her With That Camera Again!


This is my lovely little fellow Oscar.

He's getting on a bit now. In the photograph above he was sixteen, now he's nineteen. Like Cary Grant he carries his age well.

These photographs are from a couple of days ago and he doesn't look a day older!

What's going on now?

Please tell me it's not the grandchildren here again.

False alarm thank goodness. Just her with the camera. Does she never give up? It's such a hard life being a cat.

In this weather all he wants to do is sleep. Trying to get an active picture of him proved impossible. I'll be back!


  1. That look on Oscars face said it all. I have seen it be for.Our dear cat felt the same about the grandkids.( just gave me time to hide)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful cat. Hard to believe he is 19! Our place looks like a cat ranch until the grandchildren arrive and then you wouldn't think one feline lived here. All our tabbys disappear into rafters and hay bales for the duration of the chidren's visit.

  3. Hi Winifred,

    Oscar is beautiful! And he certainly does carry his age well!

    I have 5 cats. Two of them are very social and play with the grandkids, 3 of them hide the entire time.

    Loved the pictures. Have a great day.


  4. I love "That Darn Cat" Oscar, and he is lookin' good! We cat lovers love to share photos of our cats, don't we? I know I do...

    Have a cattily >^..^< fun day~~~~

  5. I think Oscar and I are in agreement about sleeping in this weather. I took a very long nap yesterday. I do have a cold so maybe that accounts for it.

    He certainly is a handsome boy.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. Oscar looks so soft and cuddly, and so much like Cary Grant with his ageing. I can not have cats because of allergies my daughter had to them. But we have a dog that is 14 and still going. He is so jealous of my grand baby. He hides whenever she is here and won't come out until the coast is clear. Oscar's colors are so pretty. Making some quick visits today because I have the baby and she is sleeping. Have a great day!

  7. wow that is pretty old. How long do cats live for?

    Gill in Canada

  8. I don't have any cats, but I had a Boxer named Oscar. He was quite a handsome boy! Maybe it's a name thing that makes them so fine!

  9. Cats have a way with them! One look and one loses the upper hand. The name Oscar seems well chosen.

  10. Love the captions with the photos. He's a handsome cat. Hope your Grandson likes the jokes I have today and hope the two of you have a fun day.

  11. Just popped in to say, yes all purpose flour is plain flour, I have changed the recipe to include that. I am that used to it being called all purpose flour now.


  12. I don't fault your Oscar a fact I'm taking a few days off to be lazy and read one book after another. Delightful....grin.


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