Monday, 2 September 2019

Welcome Back!

Over the last few years I've really missed the posts from bloggers I used to enjoy following. Crumbs that makes me sound like a stalker!

Some I've managed to check up on where they have an email and been glad to see they are OK. Many have gone over to Facebook which I know is not so time consuming but to be honest I always think it's just flashes of "stuff" that doesn't give a real insight to people's lives which blogs can do.

Today I found a new post from BunnyMummy who posts such lovely photographs & great crocheting stuff. She hadn't posted for about 6 months so it was lovely to hear from her again especially as she had some brilliant photographs of Stratford upon Avon. Take a look if you have never been. I've only been once and it brought back memories of walking along the riverbank from the RSC Theatre and seeing a simple plaque on the grass below a silver birch tree planted in memory of Vivien Leigh. 

Sorry the photograph isn't brilliant, you may not be able to read it but it simply says, simply says:
"In memory of Vivien Leigh, 
Actress 1913 - 1961, 
A lass unparalleled". 

It's at the base of a silver birch planted in memory of her.

The words on the plaque come from Charmian at the end of Antony and Cleopatra when she describes her dead mistress:

"Now boast thee, death, in thy possession lies
A lass unparallel’d. Downy windows, close;
And golden Phoebus never be beheld
Of eyes again so royal!"

Very apt!


  1. I am sorry to hear of your health problems. My husband has blood pressure problems that are not going to leave him alone. Have you done any reading or knitting lately? My husband and daughter planted a lot of flowers in the flower beds and they are glorious. I shall miss them when they are gone. They are the highlight of the summer. Have you ever visited the little cotton rabbits knitting site? Love that ladies work and have made the bunny wearing the flowered dress. Better run, hope all is well for you!

  2. I remember visiting Stratford upon Avon many years ago, but sadly didn't see that beautiful tree or lovely memorial stone.
    Hope you are keeping well, and have enjoyed your summertime.

  3. It's hard when bloggers we love stop posting or even worse give up or die!

    I will go and check out BunnyMummy now.

  4. I like your blog and always enjoy coming by. I too think blogging is nicer than facebook. My blogging has fallen off since hubby's retirement and my Parkinson diagnosis...but I still like it when I get around to it. =)

  5. Just beautiful. Loved this. Vivien Leigh is a favorite of mine!


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