Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Another Sewing Machine!

Well I've given in and bought another sewing machine, not a new one, another vintage one.  I needed one I could carry more easily to the quilting group as my Singer 338 is a tad heavy. I can carry it OK but lifting it into the car & then onto the table is getting problematic. 

I thought about getting a new lighter one and looked at lots with all the frills bells & whistles, but lots of reports I read about them indicates they are not built to last. The computers go wrong & they are difficult & expensive to repair, if they can be repaired.  You have to go to the really expensive ones to get a decent build & I just don't feel the need to spend that sort of cash. 

I took some advice from an experienced quilter & she advised to avoid the "throwaway plastic rubbish" & go for a vintage Frister & Rossman Cub or an Elna Lotus. Neither of which I had ever heard of so what followed was hours of looking up information about these machines. 

I made an interesting discovery that none of these machines had the online information providing support, parts available & maintenance to help you look after your machine like you can with Singer. I suppose that's because Singer captured the market, their machines were the undoubtedly the best in those days and people still love them. There are so many resources to help you maintain your Singer that for most people it's their choice of machine. However the only lightweight vintage Singers are the Featherweights (mind you they're not that light) but the prices are now extortionate so I counted that model out.

I couldn't find much out about these machines, how to maintain or repair them, nothing on Youtube other than a woman sewing rows of various stitches on the Frister & Rossmann Cub 4 & a few people on various fora saying they loved theirs. 

I took a bit of a risk tonight & bought the Cub 4 on ebay. It was very cheap as the accessories box that fits into the front of the machine is missing. Well it doesn't bother me as I won't have any accessories to put into it, they don't come with the machine. Must be still in the accessories box somewhere in somebodies loft probably. It does have the manual, the foot pedal & a decent looking case. 

I only want it to take to the classes so it doesn't have to look the business. I'll be happy enough if it sews OK & I can lift it. It's supposed to in good working condition & I only paid £24 for it. If it's rubbish I'll just think of it as a donation to the hospice selling it. Just hope my husband is out when it's delivered, not sure how I can explain buying another "old" machine.

Just before I bid for the machine I saw a lovely Singer 99K available locally so I can go & look at it if I want to. I don't really want to be a collector of Vintage machines but I think I'm getting addicted.

Watch this space!

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