Thursday, 5 July 2018

Happy Birthday NHS!

Have to say Happy Birthday to the NHS which is 70 today.

I must admit that I think the NHS is the best thing any government ever did for its people. To be able to receive treatment without having to worry about the cost was so vital after the war. I can remember my Mam talking about how hard it was to pay for to see a doctor. Like lots of families we were quite poor, my Dad became a miner after the war when he left the Royal Navy & there was no money to spare. The NHS was a godsend to people like us.

What a fantastic & brave government that was giving people the right to health & social care benefits and despite many problems, thankfully we still have it today. Many people take it for granted especially the younger ones who don't know what life was like for people before the NHS.

If anyone is a fan of "Call the Midwife" they'll know what a difference it made to people's lives.

There's a lovely picture timeline here on the BBC.

Nice one NHS, hope you have many more birthdays to come.


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  2. I totally agree the NHS is amazing. Free healthcare for everyone! I know all my family have benefitted from it over the years. Yes, you may have to wait, but the positives out way the negatives as far as I'm concerned.


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