Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snow in Venice?

When I think of Venice I tend to think of blue skies & sunshine, most times I've visited that's how it's been. 

Although I have been there when it has rained but it still looks beautiful under grey skies.

A rainbow over the lagoon looked really lovely.

My husband has never been to Venice so I booked a few days there for us later this month. However at the moment it's snowing there! St Mark's Square is covered apparently so the expensive coffee shops are empty and gondolas must be having a hard time. Who wants to freeze in a gondola!

Now photographs of Venice in the snow will be very interesting, I'd love to take some but I'm not sure my husband will appreciate more snow. We've had enough of it already this week!

I don't like breaking copyright & pasting photos that are not mine but there are some beauties of snow in Venice here 


  1. That looks breathtakingly beautiful! You are blessed to enjoy all of this. I enjoyed your pictures. ps. I'm sure your gansey sweater will be something you'll be proud of bye and bye.

  2. I read that Venice had gotten snow. I would love to visit there. The photos are great.

  3. I couldn't see the snow in Venice page. It kept timing out. It is really surprising to me that it ever snows in Venice. You teach us so much with your travels.


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