Sunday, 10 December 2017

Blue Planet 2

What a fantastic series Blue Planet II has been. 

The beautiful photography and wonderful presentation by David Attenborough has resulted in a fantastic series that entertains, educates and saddens us seeing what's happening to our world with the changes to the oceans.

There are some amazing clips of strange things that happen in the sea. One memorable one is the poor king penguins tripping through & trying not to wake the sleeping giants. Another was of a fish that shocked me, it was the bird eating fish just leaping into the air and its mouth opening to swallow birds. Awful! You can see all the clips here. 

The final programme tonight was raising awareness of what's happening to our oceans and the effects on us all. Colossal amounts of rubbish including plastic is being dumped in the sea and being digested by fish so we will be eating the plastic they have digested. Sea temperatures are rising which is not just killing the life in the oceans but will lead to raised sea levels which by the end of the century will put huge areas of countries under the sea.  

It's our everyday choices that can make a difference. I knew about this but watching a programme like this brings the horror home. Yet simple things like choosing cotton buds with cardboard sticks not the plastic ones, eat sustainably caught fish and if you live near the sea volunteering to help with a beach clean up can make a difference. That's something I plan to do in the New Year, I don't make New Year resolutions but I do make some plans & that's one.

Another thing I currently do is being a bit more political and signing petitions. I get lots now from organisations like, and At least you feel like you have a voice and some petitions have been really successful. This is one good thing that you can do with the Internet in contrast to the awful things that it's used for.

If you haven't seen the Blue Planet II series it's well worth watching.

The future of our world depends on us & we can make a difference. On that pretentious sounding statement I'll finish!


  1. Tell me what to do:-( It is overwhelming for me.

  2. Well there seems to be quite a lot. Might lead to a post about it.
    In the UK we've been inundated with plastic bags for years whereas in the US I think you have more paper carrier bags like we used to have. Well now they charge here for them 5p per bag.
    We've been advised to stop buying plastic tinesel, plastic Christmas trees, shiny Christmas wrapping paper as it can't be recycled, plastic straws the list is endless!

  3. It is so sad and frustrating that we know about the problem but close our eyes before it. I try to recycle and use cloth bags x in are w of plastic at the supermarket. This is not much but it' s better than nothing. Thank you for this post. Tina x

  4. Wishing you and yours the happiest Holiday Season. Love Granny Annie

  5. Did I miss the post where you completed your 'gansy' sweater? I'm such a lazy blogger now that hubby is home all the time.

    1. I have been poor at blogging recently too. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting mainly for babies in the local neo natal units, for a church in Zambia & for an orphanage in India but not much of the gansey I am still struggling on with it! I have to do it in natural light as being navy & fine it’s difficult to see the pattern. I haven’t done much since September but have managed to do an hour or so in the morning just recently. I was doing it this morning next to the living room window but I think I’ll have to go into the conservatory where the light is better. Am onto the sleeves now but it’s a real struggle as they are also knitted circular. I couldn’t get the loops to pass over the joint on the circular needle so I ended up buying a set of 5 aluminium double ended needles which I hate but at least the loops are easier to move. Circular knitting is something I really don’t like.

  6. Forgot to say...I liked Roy Orbison's singing when I was a teen.


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