Thursday, 12 January 2017

Never thought I'd like a frock with viscose!!

Have to say I have wondered for years why on earth so many clothes have been made in heavy cotton and linen which take an age to dry, are a nightmare to iron and crease so badly when you wear it. Cotton and linen are comfortable to wear in hot countries but can be such heavy fabrics when you go on holiday with the flight weight restrictions. 

My daughter doesn't understand why creases really naff me off but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a child of the 'sixties when we wore clothes in fabrics that didn't crease much. Well I did!

I used to make a lot of my own clothes. Shift dresses were in fashion which were a doddle to make, took very little fabric (think mini) and the fabrics were so easy to care for. I always avoided what I called the "dreaded viscose", that was a horrible material which creased badly and I still avoid it today! The fabrics I often used were usually made of the wonder fabric "Crimplene"! If you don't know about Crimplene it was quite a thick polyester fabric made by ICI, easy to sew, was reasonably cheap, came in brilliant colours and textures, hardly ever creased, was comfortable as it stretched as you moved, never lost its shape, you could drip dry it and it was absolutely brilliant to take on holiday.

It went out of fashion as the lighter weight polyesters like Trevira came in and then gradually polyester cotton became fashionable and finally pure cotton took over.

Now that the price of cotton has rocketed polyester fabrics have certainly made a comeback. I noticed last year that it was very difficult to buy fine cotton or even polyester cotton blouses everything seemed to be produced with man made fabrics.

I used to love wearing dresses when I was young but as I put on more weight I've lived in skirts, trousers and tops. In a dress I looked like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle. However since I lost weight last year I thought I'd try to buy a couple of dresses as they are more fashionable now. Every single one that I've tried on recently has been produced with man made fibres, mostly polyester but some have been awful, thin and with fabric that creased badly. They've also been unlined and really expensive.

However I ordered one in an online sale which was polyester and the dreaded viscose but it also had elastane in it and the reviews were so good I thought I'd risk it.  

I love the fabric, gorgeous feel to it and not a crease in sight when I opened the tiny bag it had been posted in. It's so comfortable and so dressy. I know it will be brilliant to take on holiday as I'll be able to take it out of a case and put it straight on with no creases. It will wash, drip dry and not need ironing. Fabulous!!!!! Unfortunately no use for a hot climate but OK if there is air conditioning.

The only trouble is I keep wondering whether I look like a 'sixties throwback in it. Sadly that photo isn't me & I don't delude myself that I look anything like that in the frock.


  1. the dress is pretty! I haven't worn a dress since 2005 when I wore on for my son's wedding. I agree about the creases and also I can hardly buy any tops anymore because they are made of this hot nonbreathable fabric (I am a pure cotton fan) and my daily uniform is jeans and cotton T-shirts - short sleeve in the summer and long sleeve in winter. Nice that u liked what you purchased. I was also a fan of the hippy movement - use to wear a lot of long dresses with flowers in my hair - ...well not flowers but long straight hair. I was always envious of girls with curls.

  2. It's a nice dress and I can see why you bought it. Didn't Crimplene have a terrible image though? People joked about women wearing white Crimplene trousers. I don't really know what it looked like but just remember it being seen as a fashion no, no.

  3. Slacks were banned for women in the workplace until the early 70's so I wore dresses always. Since retiring I have rarely put on a dress and that is primarily because I do not want to ever in my entire life have to wear panty hose again. Also I will go wrinkled before I will get out an iron:-)

  4. I love dresses and I also look for fabrics that do not crease.The dress you bought looks very pretty ,I'm sure you will have a great time wearing it!Tina

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  6. Now we would like to see a photo of you in your frock.

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