Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gay Paree!

It's over 20 years since I was in Paris but the first leg of my tour to Lake Garda took me to Paris for the afternoon & evening. 

We arrived on the Eurostar & then transferred to a hotel next to Gare de Lyon railway station. I've only seen the area around Gare du Nord which never seems to be particularly attractive with the unbelievable amounts of graffiti! 
I'd never been to that part of Paris & was really surprised at how attractive it was. Lots of restaurants & lovely older buildings. Wish I had taken more photographs.

Just look at all those cycles. Amazing! 

And take a look at those motor bikes. All the outside area of the station was covered in them & the bikes. Shows how many people use the trains!

I decided I would just go for a walk as I was on my own & didn't fancy eating alone. So I bought a baguette from the station, they do quite good food in all the railway stations. They even had a Costa! Then I went on my way wandering down to the riverside. It was a really warm & sticky night so I just drifted.

I was amazed at how many people were down there along the banks, drinking & enjoying picnics. Not just students but whole families, right along the riverside on both banks.

Salsa dancing too!

What surprised me was how most of them seemed to have to sit right on the edge & the concrete when there were seats & grassy banks available. Shows my age!

 More dancers! These were doing a sort of tango.

It was a lovely evening & I enjoyed the walk back to the hotel but was glad to get back to my air conditioned room. Normally I can't stand it & switch it off but it was unbearable without it.

This was a lovely little street very close to the station where they were all sitting out eating & drinking.

I was hoping to have a Costa coffee as a nightcap in the station but they had shut shop!

Next stop, Desenzano, Lake Garda.


  1. Amazing photos of people dancing and sitting on the banks of the river.
    I had never imagined people do that in Paris , but I suppose,it is the water that attracts us all . We need to be close to it,especially during summer time. Your photos brought to my mind some similar 'street scenes' I experienced at a little port in Greece, where I spend my summer holidays , where young people sit on the concrete next to the boats and spend their evening there, chatting and eating ice creams.
    Life's little pleasures.....

  2. Love all your photos - Paris looks so beautiful! How fun to be part of that scene on the riverbanks.

  3. looks very Parisian. I hope your next leg of your journey is as nice.

  4. Looks as though you are having a grand time.

  5. Thanks for sharing wonderful pictures and tales of adventure.

  6. Ooh I love Paris Winifred. I've been lucky enough to have visited twice and would love to go again. Lovely photos. And Lake Garda is one place husband and I keep saying we would like to go but never have. I shall keep an eye on your blog! xx

  7. Gorgeous photos..thank you for sharing. I've never been to Paris, but it looks lovely


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