Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I Don't Believe it!

You go out for a meal drive up the access road to the hotel & suddenly crash! 

A golf ball from their golf club smashes your windscreen.

So after a horrendous shock, what makes it even worse? The golf club manager wouldn't speak to me, sent the young receptionist out to say "Nothing to do with us. It's the golfer's fault". 

"OK then which golfer"?

"Nothing to do with us"!

Which was absolute tosh. What about public liability insurance? They have to have it or their business is running illegally.

So I went into the hotel where I was meeting a friend for a meal & asked to speak to the manager about their golf club manager. Have to say their staff there were lovely asking was I OK, could they get me a coffee etc. Manager apologised, the golf club is now privately owned. He went to speak to the department who deal with insurance & was told yes they are insured but not for golf ball damage! Well I don't believe that for a minute. However he offered on behalf of the hotel to pay the excess on the windscreen replacement.

I wondered what would have happened if I had been walking up the drive & the ball had hit me. 

So a nasty shock, a ruined evening out & now the company doing the replacement say they can't change the windscreen for a week!

Well I'll be writing a thank you letter to the hotel staff for their customer service, a not so nice letter to the Golf Club Manager & it's back on to the insurance company tomorrow to say their windscreen replacement service is unacceptable.

As I said earlier "I don't believe it"!


  1. WOW what a crying shame that no one wants to take responsibility. So sad. I hope everything does finally turn out ok.

  2. oh flipping heck, it's an issue around here, as we live in a golf course community. Trying to catch the person who hit the ball, is like trying to find hen's teeth!!

    1. Yes taht's true. My husband is a member of a golf club & he says there the golf club takes the responsibility for situations when they can't find out who hit the ball that did the damage.

      Thankfully the hotel seems to be taking it on board. No doubt they'll send the bill to the golf club manager.

  3. well that is NOT cool. Seems to be someone should be responsible - have insurance for that type of thing.

  4. People avoid being responsible these days about most every thing.
    Sorry you had a bad day.

  5. Bless your heart. I just went through a cracked window. A rock hit and I though someone had shot at me. The insurance would have paid the repair if it could have been fixed but if it had to be replaced, I have $500 deductible. Replaced for $283. I ask if I could have run after the truck who threw the rock and my insurance company said then I would be in trouble for road rage.

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Stranded at home until my surgery I have been watching a lot of movies and need some of your great recommendations:-)


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