Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a while, not due to any real problems just the usual ones that life throws up every now and again plus I really do need a new computer but I'm too mean to buy one.

The little chick above is one of the the things I've been busy with for a little while. Well not just that one, I've knitted twenty seven of them Mostly for the children we teach to knit as a little Easter present but also for my grandchildren and my sister's.

It wasn't my chick pattern, I got it here if anyone wants it. I got twenty chicks out of a 100 gram ball of double knitting so not too expensive.

Here's a batch of them sitting on the dresser all waiting for their cream eggs to fill them up! When I went to buy the eggs I noticed that the cream eggs are twice the price they were last year. Last year they were 6 for a pound, this year they are £1.99! The result of Nestle buying up Cadbury's? 

Well anyway they looked great and to be honest I hated to part with them.

They are exactly the right size for the cream eggs and all the children loved them. The hardest bit was getting the beaks and their eyes straight. The funny thing was that they all had different expressions. 

Have a wonderful holiday, hope the sun keeps shining and the wind and rain keeps away for us all.


  1. They look like a chorus. You really need some music behind them because they have to be peeping a chick-chick song or two. So precious!

  2. So cute!
    Love your dishes and have a good Easter Day.

  3. Thank you.

    Hope you have had a great Easter.

  4. Very nice. I crocheted some years ago now, and I inserted a plastic egg filled with asst. Easter candies. I made some for all the people I worked with and carried them in to work in an egg basket I weaved from a class I attended. Looks like you did a great job. Actually mine was suppose to be covers to put on a warm cooked egg at brekfast time to keep them warm. We had a beautiful day weather wise.

  5. Glad you had good weather.

    They sound lovely Patty. I suppose they could use the ones we made as egg cosies like yours. I had to stitch the base up a little as the chocolate eggs are getting smaller! When Cadbury's first made them they were quite big. I couldn't eat one they were so sickly.

  6. Love those! They look even better when you have a lot of them lined up. Glad to hear from you and thanks for visiting me. I don't blog like I used to.

  7. How cute to see the chicks all lined up like that.


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