Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year! I'm Hoping to do Better in 2014!

I haven't been posting much this year although I have been keeping an eye on people's blogs but not as much as I used to. My lap top isn't connected to the Internet now. McAfee doesn't support Windows XP any longer (even though they  tell you they do, it just doesn't work) and neither does Microsoft so I've had to disconnect the laptop from the Internet. Now I rely on getting access to my husband's computer which limits the time I have on it.

Santa didn't bring me a Mac which I was hoping for but maybe next year. I just don't like tablets or iPads and I really need a laptop with real computer programmes & a printer.

One nice thing I hope will motivate me & that I'll be able to blog about is after 6 years in retirement I have a job! I'm starting work next year as a travel tour manager for a rail holiday company. I'll be accompanying passengers on rail journeys in the UK & Europe and I'll need to research the tour itinerarys so that's a good excuse for a new laptop. 

I'm hoping to see places I've never travelled to before & take lots of photographs. So I'm hoping to do a lot better with blogging next year.

Meanwhile here's a few photographs from our last cruise holiday.

A very modern Christmas Tree in Paradise Island, Nassau

Now I have no idea how the twinkling was added. It just popped up on my Google+ page. Magic! 

Paradise Island again

 I thought these shops looked a lot like Disney World. The pastel colours were lovely.

I really liked these pastel coloured buildings near the dock at Paradise Island. Not sure whether they were holiday homes.

Celebrity Eclipse

We left the ship after our transatlantic crossing form Southampton. This is the Eclipse leaving Fort Lauderdale for her first Caribbean cruise of the season. We were surprised to be able to watch it from our hotel room balcony. We had an amazing view of the harbour & could see all the cruise ships leaving. Didn't see many arrive as they were usually docking very early morning.

St Sebastian's Church, Fort Lauderdale

Went to a lovely service here where they very kindly offered visitors a lift back to their hotels. Enjoyed the art & craft fair too where they had a pancake brakfast.

 St Maarten

I took quite a few pictures of the many lovely houses we saw on the river ferry at Fort Lauderdale. Would quite like a bit of that lovely sunshine at the moment. It's very damp and grey!

I won't bore you with any more! For the moment anyway.

Have a great year everyone in 2014!


  1. So happy about your new job, sounds wonderful.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Uh Oh, before you take off on this new job, can you catch me up on some good TV and movie recommendations? It has been a while. Happy New Year Winifred. I truly hope to see a lot more of you in 2014.

  3. Great trip, I loved the beach and water best. What a 'bummer' that your security does not support XP. Surprised. I do hope you get your laptop when you start your new job. You are very brave. I'm sure there will be lots of great photos. Happy and Blessed 2014 to you Winifred.

  4. great news on the job, you'll have lots of photos to share with us!!


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