Friday, 18 January 2013

I Wish!

I wish I was there right now. Just look at that blue sky & make believe snow.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.


Because tomorrow it's going to be 73F there & here it's snowing! Not the artificial kind like at Hogsmeade Village. It's the real white stuff! Real snow, cold & wet snow. Just like this at home on Washington Village Green.


So beam me over Harry! I need some sun.


  1. We are having a very mild winter and I could not be more grateful. With all our construction going on it is moving much faster because conditions are warm. Come and visit us for sunshine but watch your step because our house is in shambles.

  2. We haven't had our share of the white stuff this year. I hate to say this...but I kind of miss it. But Florida does sound wonderful. My goal is to one day sit on a white sandy beach some where with beautiful blue or green water. Blessings to you Winifred!

  3. We had quite a snow about 3 weeks ago, it stuck around for some time. Once it started raining it melted pretty quickly. They say another cold front is moving in, should hit us by Mon. or Tue. which is fine as long as we don't get that white fluffy stuff and I don't mean marshmallow cream. LOL

  4. We have the sun, but the weather is brrr cold. 0 and -0 at night here in my little corner of the world. Like Patty we had snow also 3 weeks ago, however, the weather got really warm for this time of the year and melted it. I just curl up in my reading corner and turn the heat up and read, read, read.

    Thanks for the visit today, it was a nice surprise and a so nice to hear from you.

  5. I like the photo of the real snow best. It's bitterly cold here in Michigan. We've had lows with wind chills in the subzero range. It takes your breath away.

  6. Hi! Winnifred, glad you are back in blogland. Washington Village Green!
    A nostalgic peep at Gordie land.


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