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Sean Connery (Source: Wiki Commons)

Hard to believe it's 50 years since the boyfriend of the day dragged me to see Dr No. I wasn't keen but he was persuasive & have to say I really did enjoy it. The boyfriend didn't last the 50 years but I have enjoyed most of the Bond films since. My favourite of the Connery Bond's was the first Dr No. It was so different to any of the films being produced then & its style was copied but was never matched.

Not sure who my favourite Bond is, I've liked them all even Timothy Dalton & George Lazenby. 

Roger Moore Source: Wiki Commons

I loved the really elegant & humorous style of Roger Moore & his voice is still wonderful. My favourite of Roger Moore's Bonds was Moonraker. Who could forget Jaws?

Pierce Brosnan brought the humour, the elegance & the fabulous good looks to Bond in 4 films. 

 Pierce Brosnan Source Wiki Commons

My favourite of his films was the first, Goldeneye where he came up against a former friend played by Sean Bean. Sean Been always seems to play the baddie now. His posh accent in Goldeneye was really over the top but I suppose a broad Yorkshire accent wouldn't quite have matched the character. I loved the computer whiz Boris who thought he was "invincible".


Now we have Daniel Craig and I have to say I'm not that keen on him as Bond. He was great as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but I still don't see him as Bond.

Daniel Craig Source: Wiki Commons

It's not just that his looks differ and I know he's a really good actor. I think it's more that the style of the films has changed significantly over the Daniel Craig Bond films. They've lost some of the humour & become much darker. To be honest they're more like the Bourne series of films which were OK but frankly nothing special & not really my cup of tea.

I think if I had to choose my favourite Bond, it would be Pierce Brosnan!

Another great thing about the Bond films is the music. The first one Dr No introduced us to John Barry's James Bond theme & since then there have been additional themes for each film. Hard to pick my favourite there have been some fabulous songs but I think I'll opt for gorgeous voice of Matt Monro with the John Barry Orchestra & the theme song of From Russia With Love. If you get a message restricting you from watching the video just click on the Watch on YouTube  link.

Now we're just waiting to see how Adele fairs with her rendition of Skyfall from the next Bond Film. I love Adele & this certainly sounds like a Bond theme but I'm not sure it's as strong as her usual songs. We'll see. 


  1. I have to say, I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, but like you, Pierce Brosnan may be my all time favorite. You're right about the humor having changed over time. My son and I are greatly anticipating the release of the next Bond movie this year.

    No matter what he stars in, I will always love Sean Connery.

  2. I think Roger Moore was the best James Bond of all time.


  3. My favourite was Sean Connery.

    I have to say I'm not totally convinced by this track by Adele. She has a wonderful voice but the song is a touch boring I think. But it's doing well in the charts!

  4. You are my second blog friend to celebrate James Bond 50 years. Here is her link you might enjoy reading too.

  5. HI Winifred - thanks for your visit - ...I never really saw many James Bond movies - ...actually I only saw the first one.

    Loved the video I am INvincible...good laugh.

  6. Sean Connery is the best Bond in my humble opinion and for me the best Bond theme song has to be Live and Let Die. Don't you think the new theme 'Skyfall' sounds a bit like 'Diamonds Are Forever'?

  7. You know, I haven't even seen all of the Bonds, probably because they aren't all Sean Connery. No one can best the best.

  8. I must have seen Dr. No around the same time. I also remember that it was the first book I read when I was away at sea with Alan. I never found subsequent ones as good but that might have been the newness of the first.

  9. I think I am probably the only person in the world who hasn't seen more that two Bond movies. I just never could get into them. I can't ever remember the two I watched. That is how impressed I was with "Bond, James Bond." However, I am glad you enjoyed them.

  10. Hi Winnifred, greetings from Montreal, Canada. Great post. Time certainly does fly so quickly.

  11. Hi Winifred,
    I don't know why I have not been receiving your posts on my reader. But I am glad that I made it back here. I miss seeing what you have been up to. I really like Sean COnnery, but I have never been a Bond fan. Actually I haven't seen any of them, so maybe if I watched them I could be. Thanks for visiting my blog and now I will try and figure out why I haven't been getting updates for your blog. Take care!

  12. The Bond films are shown on UK telly very regularly so it would be hard to avoid watching them. Recently they have been on a lot of the channels.

    My son in law who is a great Bond fan even though he was born much later than Connery's Bond told me he took a day off work last week to have a game of golf. The rain was horrendous so he stayed in & watched telly. They have SKY (which we don't) and apparently SKY created a special James Bond movie channel for October & have been showing all 22 the films as well as the other films not made by the Bond franchise. Best of all there are no adverts!
    No this isn't an advert for SKY as I'm no fan of the Murdoch clan! That's why we don't have SKY.

  13. I would pick Sean, he's more in my age bracket. LOL Also thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope all is well at your home. For two old farts, we're doing pretty good. could be better, but could be a lot worse. LOL SO I always say, if I'm able to stand up when I wake up, all is pretty good. Take care.


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