Sunday, 27 March 2011

You Know You're You're Getting on When.....

Leonard Nimoy - Source Wiki Commons
Oh dear I can't believe Leonard Nimoy was 80 yesterday! Doesn't seem so long since I was hooked on the original Star Trek series when everyone else I knew hated it. 

David Janssen

This one is even harder to accept. David Janssen would have been 80 today if he had lived. I loved him in The Fugitive but my favourite role for him was in Harry O. He got the chance to show he was a great character actor in that series. Sad he died so young but the photograph above is the way we like to remember him.

Hard to believe that the actors from your youth are that old. Makes you realise that you are definitely getting on. 

Happy birthday to them both, wherever they are.


  1. There ae so many people who I always thought were young and now they too are turning 70 or 80

    Time does fly by......

    Gill in Canada

  2. Yeah i agree, it's a shock to see stars of our youth and how old they are now, because it makes us realise we are getting on a bit too!

  3. I just saw on today's headlines that someone is auctioning Spocks' ear molds. I never watched the show much but my husband was a big fan. I think William Shatner turned 80 a few weeks ago.
    Loved David Janseen! I do wish he had lived longer also.

  4. As hard as it is to look at my own face and realize time is making it cave in on itself, at least I don't have movies on television every night showing how good I looked "back then".

  5. I loved the early Star Trek, too.

  6. Oh my, Leonard Nimoy is 80? How time flies. I remember watching Star Trek as a kid. Guess I'm getting older too :)

  7. The older I get, the younger 80 seems to be:)

  8. It is hard to believe sometimes isn't it. My own favourite - Steve McQueen, would have been 81 this week had he lived. He died over 30 years ago! A x

  9. Hi! Hope you are doing well.
    Just a little about our Blue Birds. They nest twice and have two or 3 babys each time and they do stay around here all summer.

  10. I know, so many are getting so old, then I look in the mirror and say to myself, oh no, it's happening to me to. LOL But not a darn thing I can do about it. So many of them in my age bracket have been dying off these past few years. I don't know half of the actors now a days. Mickey Rooney is still around, but then he was never one of my favorites. Have a wonderful week-end.

  11. Oldies nowadays are youngies.. I think of my Nanna who was in her 80's when she died in 1969 and she was an oldie oldie.. nowadays they make them younf for sure xx

  12. I know I am getting older (I won't say old) when I see people my age with great grand children.


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