Saturday, 19 March 2011

It's Comic Relief Again!

Seems to come around so fast and yet it's only every other year that the UK goes a bit daft to raise money for Comic Relief.

I bought red noses for the grandchildren to take to school and a large plastic one for the grille at the front of the car. I love to see them when you're driving along. I was going to leave it on for a while but I read they can be a hazard if they come loose. 

Also had to bake brownies for Lauren to take to school to sell today. The children really enjoy the whole thing, baking the cakes, selling them then eating them. Not exactly healthy but it's only every two years. She came back from school saying some of the children were disappointed because they didn't get one, they sold very quickly. So we'll be baking more for her to give them on Tuesday. No rest for the wicked is there.

Another thing I enjoy about Red Nose Day is the fact that the telly is much better on these nights when like Children in Need, the show totally takes over the BBC. You get some really good music and lots of funny sketches. I suppose the most important aspect is raising awareness about how the money they raise goes to help vulnerable people. The film clips of Africa are heartbreaking.

Despite all the economic problems people are still being so generous with their time and money. Makes you think the world isn't such a bad place after all the terrible things we've been seeing in recent weeks. People still care about each other.

I really enjoyed a lot of the music tonight but this year they haven't made all the videos available on You Tube. You have to buy them on iTunes which I suppose raises more cash for them. 

One of the funniest sketches was of James Corden (Smithy from Gavin and Stacey) trying to help create order in the planning meeting for this year's Comic Relief. The cast for the sketch was amazing, George Michael, JLS, Gordon Brown, Keira Knightley, Rio Ferdinad, Ron Weasley and Malfoy from the Harry Potter films, Sir Seb Coe, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Tom Daley and even Justin Bieber playing the keyboard! This is available on iTunes so might have to get it to have another good laugh at it. George Michael was really good when Smithy was taking the mickey out of him!

UPDATE = Just bought the Smithy 11 from iTunes and it has loads of stuff on. 

It is now available on You Tube, just watched it again and George Michael is brilliant!

If you're a fan of
Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs you might enjoy this spoof with a host of stars including Kim Cattrell, Victoria Wood, Jennifer Saunders, Harry Enfield, Joanna Lumley to name but a few. This one is available on You Tube:

Part One

 Part Two

Shame the Take That and the Fake That spoof videos have to be bought, I really enjoyed them. However it's all in a good cause.

Also loved Miranda Hart and Patricia Hodge dancing with JLS. Brilliant! Not winning X Factor hasn't done them any harm. Oops that's a double negative I think! They seem to be more popular than Alexandra Burke who apparently won. It's not a programme I watch!

They seem to be raising a phenomenal amount of money tonight, so best of British to them!

If you can access BBC iPlayer you can see most of the programme here now.


  1. British humour always makes me want to live there. I would lol all the time. I love your post.

  2. Great post. I did not know about the Red Nose comic relief. I got to watch one of the spoofs and loved it but have to wait to watch more because my grandchildren have used up about all of my broadband width for the month in one week!

  3. I've watched that Smithy Saves Red Nose Day 3 times now and I'm still catching more funny things they say. I still can't believe George Michael did that sketch. I also downloaded it from iTunes to see how they made the sketch.

    I wasn't sure that people outside the UK would get the jokes. Wasn't sure if they would know some of the people like Rio Ferdinand, Davina, Tom Daley and Seb Coe. They really took the mickey out of Seb and the 2012 Olympic bid.

  4. I remember you blogging about this 2 years ago. I wonder why they only have it every two years. It sounds so fun and worthwhile. I suppose it is a lot to put together every year though. I wonder also if Hugh Laurie does anything.
    By the way, Winifred...I just read another great book review you did on Good reads. You really have talent for reviewing books.

  5. Brenda

    They alternate with Sport Relief where sports people do their bit to raise cash. I think Hugh Laurie is too busy in the USA now. Don't remember him doing any charity work but I may be wrong. Stephen Fry who used to be his comedy partner is involved with Comic Relief.

    Thank you for your comments about my book review. I never feel I write enough but I'm always worried I give too much away about the story.

  6. great videos, some of the people I have neither seen nor heard of in years.......

    Gill in Canada


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