Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Can you believe it?

I’ve been watching John Isner (USA) & Niicolas Mahut (France) playing tennis at Wimbledon on Court 18.

So what’s amazing about that you ask. Well they started to play yesterday in a first round Wimbledon tennis match. It has continued today and will go into its third day tomorrow.

The match has broken all kinds of records. The final set alone has lasted longer than any tennis match.

It's the longest Grand Slam tennis match ever played (almost 10 hours and not finished yet), has the most games ever played in a tennis match and the most aces served, 98 (Isner) 95 (Mahut).

The final set has just been abandoned at about 9.15pm due to bad light. The score? 59 games all.

Forget the World Cup! This is much better.

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