Saturday, 26 June 2010

Change of Background

I decided to change my Blog background. I chose the clouds and aeroplane design because that's where I'd like to be at the moment. Even though the weather is lovely, I'd love to be on a plane going somewhere different where I wouldn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning. I can dream.

The biggest plus of all would be I wouldn't have to watch the World Cup either!

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  1. I like the back ground and I so understand the need to get away. We are on staycation right now. Not getting to really go any where...but better than nothing.

  2. Laughing at the world cup comment, I feel the same too. I will miss today's game as I have to go to church, drat (I think not!!)

    I love flying but my body doesn't and I am sick from the minute I get on a plane to the minute I get off it.......

    Gill in Canada

  3. Love your new background! It's good to redecorate every once in awhile.

  4. I have been watching the World Cup all day. And anytime it is on. I do enjoy it.

  5. I like the new background, it goes so well with your header, and such a lovely header it is.

    I think hubby was sleeping through the most of the World Cup today. LOL... I don't watch it at all, I'm hole up in My Reading Corner, enjoying a good book.

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  7. I love your new background, heavenly:)

  8. I like your blog. The background makes me want to fly somewhere too. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog.

  9. Thanks for your follow Winifred. Now, Dr.Awsom is such a nice man he needs his blog, and comments like this one to reduce that sickly 'nice' feeling that pervades his waking and dreaming life. So don't be offended (well, you can be if you like)

    Your header is a 'fail' Sorry, the red text is unreadable in some browsers, and the buildings are all washed out. They would look sunnier if the whole thing was much darker. Strange but true. I can fix it if you like, no charge.

    I feel better now - I enjoyed some of the posts I have read so far, not at all bad for someone of your ... maturity and experience (nearly slipped up there Winifred) What 'world cup' was that then?

  10. hmmm maybe you would ride that thing into outer space!!!

    Wow blackpool and blackpool rock you really too me back...:0)


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