Thursday, 21 January 2010

Great Expectations!

No! It's nothing to do with Charles Dickens! It's my expectations of myself.
I've been a bit better the attack on my procrastination this year, but I have a long way to go, so as the school reports say, "must do better" for 2010!

I have a Mailart which I desperately need to finish for Michelle and I'm ashamed of how long it's taken me. It's months overdue and I know I've had problems with my eyes and cross stitching fine stitches in poor light, but it's time to get it done. Hopefully the weather will improve and to help I've bought a magnifier and light combined. Hopefully that'll do the trick.

I'm thoroughly ashamed of the projects I have outstanding and the stash (stuff) I've accumulated. I've just looked into the black hole (cupboard under the stairs) and enough is enough! So I've decided that to help me try to produce and finish more "stuff" I'm going to record it. The aim is at least one a month and I'm going to list it on the sidebar. So I could be shaming myself in the coming months!

It's not exactly a New Year Resolution, just a realisation that something has got to be done about this before I pop my clogs and my secret stuff is revealed for everyone to see. The wool alone is taking up a mammoth amount of space and I can hardly close the cupboard door.

Tomorrow it's the on-line tax self assessment to finish. YUK!!!!!

Next the Mailart!

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