Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis!

I wasn't always an Elvis fan. I didn't like his early stuff. It was when I saw GI Blues that I started to like his singing. Funnily enough I still have that LP in its original cover.

My favourite Elvis song was The Girl of My Best Friend but I also like Suspicion which I heard the first time I went to Spain in 1963.

A girl I went to school with was an even madder fan than me and we used to go to the pictures together to see all his films. My other fnends were not that keen. The last time I went with her was to see Flaming Star. For anyone who hasn't seen the film, he dies at the end. As he was dying I had a lump in my throat even though it wasn't exactly the best of pictures or acting, it was just that it was Elvis. My friend didn't hold back though. She started to cry, then to sob really loud. Eventually the whole picture house could hear her and some people started laughing. I was absolutely mortified.

Hard to believe he would have been 75 today. Even harder to believe is that my friend didn't even make it to her 35th birthday.

I couldn't find a decent video of either of my favourite songs so here he is in his prime and in happier days in 1968. That's the way I like to remember him and my friend too.

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