Monday, 23 August 2010


I've been neglecting the Telly Addict blog I started last year but here's the latest addition, Cadfael.

One of my all time favourite TV shows. A true touch of class!

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  1. These Cadfael shows are available on Netflix but they tell me I would only rate them 2 1/2 stars. I cant imagine because I usually love the shows you recommend.

    I have just finished watching the first season of Foley's War and will definitely continue the 6 season series. I believe you and Pat recommended it.

  2. Annie -Not sure why they would get a low rating but they're not everyone's up of tea set in a medieval abbey.

    Glad you like Foyle's War. One of my favourites again. I do like detective stories set in the past. Bit sick of the high tech stuff we have now, all high gloss, lots of glam totty and low on substance.

  3. Although I like Derek Jacobi I never did watch Cadfael. May get around to it one of these days on a re-run (we seem to have so many)! Have thoroughly enjoyed Foyle's War though, watch it over and over and the theme music is brilliant. A x

  4. I will add both Cadfael and Foley's War to my Netflix cue. Thanks for the recommendation Winifred.

  5. Marjorie- The correct title is Foyle's War.

  6. I am so not addicted to the TV but I am getting addicted to blogs - BIG time.

  7. Netflix, huh? Now there's a thought. I can watch them at my leisure. I enjoy DVDs, because I get to pick the watching schedule.

  8. Dear Winifred ~~ Thank you for your comments and our Spring starts next week on 1st September. It is still raining on and off this week so I hope next is better when Peter and
    Warren arrive.
    Glad you liked the jokes and esp the
    Pearly Gates one.
    The TV shows here are different to yours. I have mine on most of the time for company or the radio.
    Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

  9. I've been neglecting visiting my friends, don't know where the time goes. But it sure does go. Seems it takes me longer and longer to get things done. I've never heard of this TV show, apparently it's something only shown in the area where you live.


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