Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hand Knitted Socks? - Post 149

Now I've never understood the craze for knitted socks. Hand knitted ones I mean. I hadn't realised they were popular until I started looking at knitting patterns on the Internet. I thought they had died a death in the 'forties when women had to wear them because they couldn't get stockings. Well the alternative was painting that seam line up the back of their legs!

I always hated the feel of wool on my feet when I was little. I could feel the pattern of the knitting digging into the soles of my feet and they made my shoes and boots feel tight.

Even if the hand knitted socks are fine and made of 3ply wool, you have to wear a size bigger shoe. They're probably good with wellies, but as I don't ever wear wellies I've never felt the urge to knit socks. I know you can buy really soft wools and cottons now but if I wear socks, they have to be thin cotton ones.

I came across these free patterns for celebrity socks today. You can choose from Stephen Fry's QI socks, Rick Stein & Chalky or Alan Titchmarsh. So take a look and you can download the patterns free.

Well I fell in love with the Alan Titchmarsh Fantasy socks. I never wear slippers so I could wear these socks around the house. Mind you I'll still need another pair of thin cotton socks underneath!

Post 149


  1. Winifred, I love those socks. I would wear them in the evening while I watched TV that is when my feet get cold if I do not have socks or slippers on.

  2. Good to see you are back at posting on your blog. I really do want to learn how to make a decent pair of knitted socks. I made one...but it was far from perfect. Thanks for heading to this site for the free pattern. Take care!

  3. Brenda, gauge, gauge, gauge. That is the answer and nothing more.

    Winifred, I found a beautiful Norwegian pattern and stopped and bought some beautiful silk and merino blend sock yarn in electric blue and white. I'm itching to cast on.

  4. Marjorie-That's when my feet are cold too. I'm not a fan of slippers, I always seem to trip up in the.

    Brenda- Hope you have some success with your next pair.

    Rudee- Hope you're going to show us some photos.They sound gorgeous.

  5. Ok, I have to say those socks do not appeal to me, but then maybe they are not meant to! :D

  6. No socks like that for me. It is especially difficult to imagine them today when we are expecting hot temperatures to welcome spring. I'm loving the return of sandals to my wardrobe with absolutely no socks.

  7. Go over and check out this blog.

  8. Love the socks. I do sometimes wear slippers, but these would take the cake. I don't knit, but I'm going to give this site to my friend, S**dy who is the knitting queen.

    Happy EAster.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. I really like these socks - they look tricky to knit but I might be challenged. I found your blog via Rudee's and I will follow it as I love the photos and the posts look fun. Have a look at mine and please follow it too, if you wish even though it's not really a crafty knitting blog I love knitting. Happy Easter - the chicks are sweet! Catherine

  10. I too love those socks and the work that must have gone into them. Me personally I can't knit a stitch, so am in awe of anyone who can knit.

    Happy Easter to you and your family,

    Gill in Canada

  11. They are nice and pretty and lady like to be sure.

  12. They do look fun so I may give them a try. I do like warm feet! A x

  13. I love the socks. I wouldn't have worn them when I was younger, but now that I'm getting older I'd wear them and laugh with whoever laughted at them! LOL

  14. Those socks are really fun. Not sure about the chairs though. Sitting on knitted patterns could feel itchy!

    Many many times have I knitted those chicks in eggs in the past. My grandchildren have the whole family.


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