Saturday, 21 February 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I saw the TV programme Guilty Pleasures advertised a while back and I was intrigued. What was going to be revealed here I wondered.

“Actor, writer, director and presenter Stephen Fry reveals the things he considers his guiltiest pleasures. These include darts, romantic novels by Georgette Heyer, the work of Richard Wagner and TV game show Countdown”.

Well I can’t see anything to feel really guilty about there. I suppose maybe he feels guilty because being the clever, witty, urbane, definitely upper class in my book, ex Oxford student, maybe he feels people expect him to have different ways to spend his time than this.It set me thinking and wondering, what my guilty pleasures are. It didn’t take me long to come up with quite a long list, after all when you’re a Catholic you can feel guilty about anything!

So I thought I’d start a Blog off with this, maybe do one a week. If you feel like coming clean about your guilty pleasures feel free to join me.

I like a glass of wine, or maybe two

Now what’s to feel guilty about there? Well, when I was working we often went through spells that were fairly stressful. My husband kept saying “How on earth can you be stressed doing what you do?” Charming! Let’s just say as government services are reorganised life isn’t easy.So I liked a glass of wine maybe two or three nights a week but my husband didn’t. He kept on saying I’d end up an alcoholic which irritated the life out of me. I don’t think there are alcoholics who can only drink a couple of glasses of wine and that’s all I can manage.

I really enjoy the first glass of wine but for some reason the second doesn’t taste quite as good and after that it tastes horrible. Weird! However it does make me feel guilty that I’m drinking the wine and he isn’t.