Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sisterhood Award

Thank You Patsy for this award!

I'm going to cheat otherwise I would never get this done.

I'm supposed to choose at least 10 blogs which show attitude and or gratitude, then link to the nominees. After that I have to let them know by commenting on their blogs and then link back to them.

Well I have to say it takes so long to choose just 10 other blogs and I feel awful leaving some out of all the great blogs I follow. Then there's checking out whether they already have the award before I do all the linking stuff!

Too little time available so if you're a regular reader and would like the award, please feel free to take it.


  1. Is this Ok to just take ?
    Ok I'm going to take it ;)
    If visiting your blog everyday, is appropriate enough reason, then I'm laying claim to it.
    Does it matter, that we share a common love of England ?
    I think your blog is a wonderful place to visit?
    Or if you could stop by and visit in person, I would put the kettle on and have a nice scone waiting for you ?
    Thank you girlfriend...

  2. I never got the last award you gave me posted. I haven't figured out how to do all of that yet! Congratulations an another award!!

  3. Congrats on the award! Please drop by and grab the last 3 I put up for my readers to take. They are in the Glenn Miller post. And I will happily snag this one from you! Thank you! I feel as you do about choosing just certain ones...I did that once and felt terrible, especially when I saw that it did cause hurt feelings, and I am not blogging to hurt anyone's feelings.

    I am about to call it a day! I have worked all weekend and think I am about to crash! LOL

    Have a good week!

    ((( HUGS )))

  4. Dear Winifred ~~ Congrats on the new award. nd thank you for stopping by. I watched the Memorial service too, through my tears. There are a couple of fires goinng again. One home was lost and a fire-truck. Two firemen were
    injured, but not badly, thank goodness.
    Sorry the chocolate is making your feet grow. I love those creme eggs too at Easter.
    Take care, I am not near the fires.
    Love, Merle.

  5. Hi Winifred,

    Thanks for being my blogging sister. I so enjoy your blog and your visits to mine. I feel so for those poor people who have lost everything to the fires. How can human beings be so careless?

    Have a great day.

    ~hippo hugs~


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